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How To Fix Mushy Rice: Cooking the perfect rice is not as simple as it seems to be. Your experience of cooking does not make any difference to the fact that sometimes a minor negligence leads to a major catastrophe.

Once such a mistake happened, you have only two ways out. One is to start with a new batch, and the second you must know;

How To Fix the Mushy Rice

Be aware that there are multiple methods available which can fix your mushy rice near to perfect. So before going with the first way out, try the second one. This article will help you know about top five of these methods, so that you can save your time and food.

Identifying the Problem

Remember that, a cook becomes a doctor when it comes to an upset with your cooking. You can not treat your dish well unless you identify the problem with it.

If you find your rice

1. Hard to chew even on elapsing the cooking time

There is nothing to worry about. It’s just because some segment of it needs a little more time to cook well. The problem may occur for a couple of reasons. Probably, you have added less water than it needed to cook well, or there was a high heat which cause early evaporation.

Whatever was the reason, once you identify that your rice is a little undercooked, just add some water and give them a few more minutes of cooking. What you need to take care is that; first, do not add much water. 1/4th of a cup will be fine. Second and most important, do not leave them cooking for longer time. Check them again in a few minutes after cooking on low heat.

Similarly, if your rice

2. Feel too wet even if they are well cooked

This moist or wetness can make a gummy food to deal with. Probably you have not rinsed the grain properly and as a result the rice kernels are stuck together.

In a situation which makes you thinking to how to deal with gummy rice, you will need a baking sheet to put the rice on. Take it to your oven and dry them on low heat for a few minutes. Remember that overdoing the process may burn it all.

On the other hand, the question arises that how to fix the watery rice, if there is more water left in the pot than just a moist or wetness. Answering the same is as taking a mesh strainer and draining the water out. Do not try longer cooking for watery rice. The draining process will help you continue with your recipe without any inconvenience.

Overcooking may also results into a sticky impact in your rice. One of the reason behind compiling this information was that people often ask about how to fix the sticky rice.

As we told you that you can use a strainer a colander to drain excess water from the rice. Pour a gentle stream of cold water on them. Treat the sticky grains with your fingers decently to unstick them. Finally on baking them on a cooktop or in a rice cooker for a few minutes, depending on the moist level, you will get a finely cooked rice entrée for a joyful serving. If your neighbor asks you about how to fix mushy rice in rice cooker, you can advise him or her the same.

A very common problem which most of us may often face is that

The rice get burnt underneath

This is a problem you quickly need to respond to, otherwise the smell of burnt rice will spread all over and the real aroma of your dish will be spoilt. What you need to do first is that take a bigger pot filled with cold water and put your rice pot in it immediately. That will fend off the smell of burnt rice to spread. After a while separate the fine rice from the burnt ones.

In some regions, the brown bits of burnt rice stuck with bottom are liked a lot to add a crunchy contrast to the dish, by scratching them and adding to the main course.

How to fix the overcooked rice is a question depending on how much the rice is overcooked. The completely burnt rice is of no use as discussed earlier, but a little overheated to become crispy with a toasty smell are great to use.

How To Fix Mushy Rice: Five Simple Trick

Have somebody advised to throw the whole of your rice for getting mushy? Wait for a while, we have organized a few tricks which are simple and easy. You can save your meal from wasting, by using one of these.

Facing a mushy rice outcome is the most common thing, which the cooks around the globe may face at least once in their life or probably more. Irrelevant to the fact that you are a qualified cook at a well know hotel, or just cooking at your home for the family, mushy rice will meet you someday asking you to redress them. Keep reading below if you want to handle such an inevitable situation.

1- Microwave the mushy rice

Fixing the mushy rice within minimum time calls for the microwave method. It happens often when you are in a hurry and you feel that something is not right with your rice.

That is the time when you need to transfer the rice to a baking sheet and just put it into the microwave. Heating them at a low level for a couple of minutes will save your day. Take the food out and you are ready to present it or to continue with the recipe.

2-Refrigerating the mushy rice

Your refrigerator can also help you to deal with the mushy rice. You can name it as a cold solution. What you need to do is to spread the rice on a baking sheet in a thin layer. Remember that if the layer will be thick, it can take more time to get dry.

After having done with it, cover the rice layer with parchment paper. It is a moist resistant paper which will help you through the process. Ok, now you are ready to put the stuff in the refrigerator. Waiting for half an hour will remove the moist from the rice. Get them out and if you are satisfied that the wetness has gone, heat the rice and serve with gratification.

3- Drain and cook method for mushy rice

Is there no space in your refrigerator? Do not worry, try the drain and cook method. As the name reflects, firstly you need to drain the surfeit water. Upon getting all the water drained out, take the rice pot to stove and leave it on heating at a slow flame.

Remember, you do not have to put the lid on. Keep an eye on the process, and as soon you find it dried enough, turn off the stove. Wait for a couple of minutes to stabilize the grains. Here are your delicate rice ready to be served.

4-Oven drying the mushy rice

Oven dry method is somehow similar to the cold solution. The similar process can be completed using your wonderful oven. What you need to do is to repeat the things. First of all, distribute the rice on the baking sheet in a thin layer. Do not forget to cover the same with a parchment paper.

Here becomes the change. Instead of using the refrigerator, take the baking sheet with the rice, to the oven and turn it heating on low setting.

The thing to keep in mind is that you should keep checking from time to time, by opening the oven whether the rice is dried enough or not. Once you are satisfied that the moist is gone from it, switch off the heat and wait for a while. Yes, the process is complete and you can now take the rice to the next step either it is a direct serving or a recipe continuation.

5- Salt method

Let us introduce you to another most simple way to absorb the excess water from your rice. If you feel that your rice are a bit mushy and have the moist left undried, try this simpler trick to avoid the mess.

All you need to do is a sauce bowl. Fill it with table salt and position it inside the rice pot. Leave it sitting there for 15 to 20 minutes or so. The result will be magical. The salt will absorb the surplus moist from the rice and they will taste quite fine. This method feels like something unusual but once applied, it can provide you surprising way out of the problem.


Derived out of the discussion is that, before wasting your unevenly cooked rice, going through the trick and tips about how to fix the mushy rice, can save your effort, time and food as well.

If you feel excess salt in your rice, add some un-salted sauce to balance. Cooking some more un-salted rice to mix with the salty batch can also help the problem of how to fix mushy rice.

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