What Does Caribou Really Taste Like?

Are you feeling bored eating beef and pork regularly? No longer are you getting pleased by those recipes? Try out something different. Taste the exotic caribou meats and let your taste buds blast.

What Does Caribou Taste Like

But if you are thinking about what does Caribou taste like and it would be healthy for you or not, then scroll down more to have a clear idea about it.

What Does Caribou Mean?

Caribou is a common species of deer Rangifer tarandus. They are known as Caribou in North America and reindeer in Europe. Also, you can separate their category according to their behavior. If they are wild, called Caribou, and the rest of the domestic animals are known as reindeer.

You will find these animals in the mountain regions of Northern Europe, Artic, sub-Artic, boreal, tundra, North America, Norway, etc. Rangifer can be found in various sizes and colors. The smallest one is known as Svalbard reindeer, and the largest Caribou is known as the boreal Woodland Caribou.

Different types of Caribou live in other areas like North American Caribou live in the mountain regions of North America, the barren-ground Caribou, Peary Caribou, and Porcupine caribou live in the tundra. At the same time, the shy boreal woodland Caribou is mainly found in the boreal forest.

Can You Eat Caribou Raw?

As a large food source, Northerners have typically depended on Caribou. It offers a tender flavor, and you can consume Caribou meats and parts in a host of ways like raw, aged, frozen, dried, roasted, or prepared into sausage, roasts, jerky, and steaks. Boiling and roasting are the most common way to eat Caribou meat.

By the smoking or drying process, the Caribou meat is used to preserve for a long time. As a result, the amount of nutrients is increased in the meats at the drying process due to lack of moisture.

The fat behind Caribou and eyeballs can be eaten raw, or the boiled head could be a delicious menu for tonight’s dinner. You can eat everything from the brain, heart to the tongue.

The eyes are often eaten after drying and hanging them inside the home, hooking them with sinew, and letting them dry. Caribou bone marrow also tastes lovely in eating.

Is Caribou Meat Good Eating?

Caribou are considered game meat, but it produces a relatively lighter taste than other gamey meats. It is also recognized as a healthy food source containing a high protein level, three times than beef.

The meat has less fat, which makes it a perfect and nutritious food supplement for health-conscious dieters. Also, people who have health issues with red meat or do not prefer to eat can quickly go for Caribou meats.

Not only, but the meat is milder in flavor also delicious in eating. You can eat Caribou meat in several ways. It offers the healthiest meat that is one of the key benefits of eating Caribou meat. It doesn’t let you store too much fat, which keeps you always fit and healthy.

What Does Caribou Taste Like?

Caribou meat offers delicate taste than the other game meats. It is not as gamey as deer, very tender meat.

Like bison, it’s remarkably healthy and lightweight with such little fat. As the meat has less marbling, it’s healthy and for you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What Is the Difference Between a Caribou and Reindeer?

Reindeer and Caribou belong to a similar Deer spices Rangifer tarandus. In Europe, they are known as reindeer, and in North America, these animals are called Caribou.

Wild is known as Caribou, and domestic are called reindeer. Male reindeer starts to develop antlers in February, and female reindeer in May.

What Is Caribou Meat?

The most common and popular meat we like to eat is any deer family member in the modern days. This can contain White-tailed deer, Mule deer along with Elk.

Whereas caribou meats are not included in this list, though they belong to the deer family. Caribou is an animal from the deer family and known as Reindeer in Europe. The meats of Caribou are delicious and mild in taste.

How Much Does Caribou Meat Cost?

Caribou meat generally costs $18.00 per lb in the stores.

Does Caribou Meat Contain Nutritional Value?

Caribou meats are considered as healthy and nutritious food among the other game meat. It has lower saturated fats and calories than domestic meat.

Also, Caribou generally eats shrubs, plants, etc., that do not contain pesticides or herbicides. So, Caribou meats have more nutritional value than the other game meats.

Do Humans Eat Caribou?

Yes, a human can eat Caribou meats, and they can be consumed in several ways: boiled, fried, raw, dried, frozen. Among them, boiling and roasting are the most common way to eat.

Is Caribou Meat Being Safe for Eating?

Caribou meats offer less fat and essential proteins, nutrients than other gamey meats. The Caribou stomach has lower fat (14%) than meat, pork, beef, and chicken (35 – 55%).

So, Caribou meat is safe for eating. As they are typically lower in saturated fat, the types of fats present in typical animals are often better for humans.

Can You Eat Caribou Brain?

Yes, of course, you can eat Caribou brain. Also, it would be delicious to have the Caribou’s heart. With flesh, you can eat eyes, the brains, the tongue of Caribou.

Can You Survive on Caribou Meat?

Yes, you can survive on Caribou meat.

Research shows that the Inuit generally consume various meats, including seals, whales, Caribou, and fish. Yet, they barely consume fiber from plants.

So, based on the theory, it is proved that you can easily survive on Caribou meats.


While you will taste a different kind of meat, you must be concerned with so many things. Here, we have answered most of the questions that people generally ask on google on what Caribou taste like?

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