Mike Monteleone

My name is Mike Monteleone. I am the author of Kitchenaries.com. Since I was very young I have been passionate about cooking and everything that surrounds the art of preparing food.

The passion for cooking came to me when I was still a little boy. At that time I spent the summer vacations at my grandmother’s house and I often helped her to prepare food.

My grandmother’s cooking was simple but authentic. She wasn’t the type to make big, flashy presentations. In revenge, she tried to keep her cooking simple with fresh and carefully prepared food. Thus, even the most basic dishes took on an incredible dimension in her hands.

Later, as a teenager, I naturally had to take part in the tasks that make up daily life. My parents gave me the choice. I could either do the dishes or help with the cooking. Being a creative person, the choice was quickly made. At that time I didn’t know how to prepare much so I made omelets…I made a lot of omelets, so my parents had to eat omelets three times a week for a few months, time for me to master new recipes. 😊

Afterwards I had the opportunity to live in different countries and discover new flavors, new techniques. For me the culinary art is learned in books on the Internet but mostly it is learned by watching others do.
Cooking is much more than a set of techniques. Cooking is a means of expression and it is an art. Whether you are a three-star Michelin chef or an amateur cook, cooking is a universal language that allows you to share and explore.

How I started My Blog?

That’s why I decided to start writing this blog. On the one hand to share my experience and my passion and on the other hand to offer information to anyone interested in the subject. The field of exploration when it comes to cooking is infinite.

Whether it’s about techniques, ingredients or equipment, the goal of this site is to share knowledge. It is sometimes difficult to see clearly in all the information available on the Internet; between the press articles, the fashion effects it is not easy to know how to orientate oneself correctly.

Finally Kitchenaries

On Kitchenaries we don’t pretend to deliver an absolute truth on this or that subject; our ambition is to share with the readers first-hand opinions and experiences starting from our own experience.
Throughout years of experience I have had the opportunity to use many different types of equipment; whether it is more or less sophisticated machines or more or less qualitative utensils, I have been able to form my own opinion on most of the elements that fill modern kitchens.

The equipment of the ideal kitchen will also depend on many things. If you are an amateur cook with little space available, if you are used to cooking for 25 people on Sundays or if you are a semi-professional looking for high-end equipment; your needs will inevitably be very different. That’s why we strive to give practical advice that takes into account the fact that there is no absolutely perfect equipment but solutions that fit everyone’s needs.