What Does Squirrel Taste Like – All About Squirrel Meat

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Are you holding yourself back from trying squirrel because you don’t know what does squirrel taste like? If yes, then relax! We are going to provide you with every detail regarding squirrels.

Though you are considering having a squirrel, but its appearance may be putting you off. Probably that is the reason you are holding yourself back from trying it out. Meanwhile, to have a delicious squirrel may require some effort. 

However, we will provide you with some of the best tips and tricks to prepare a delicious squirrel. Let’s get started!

What Is Squirrel & Squirrel Meat?

You may have seen some cute little furry pals wandering in your backyards. You may want to feed them and lure them closer. These tiny furry beings are squirrels having furry tails and would usually have hazelnuts as their favorite food.

Squirrels are a form of agile tree-rodent, with a bushy tail and eating nuts. Its meat is light in color, just like rabbit meat. However, there is not much meat in the squirrel, apart from the meaty haunches. It may weigh roughly from 220-225 g. Moreover, they are very common at American restaurants and almost 7-10 cm long.

The texture is wonderful; for its best preparation, you must know that the body part doesn’t have enough meat, and the haunches parts are just way too full of meat. 

Squirrels have been one of the favorite dishes of the Americans. However, the brits have started loving them as well. The market value of a squirrel rose to about $5 million over time. 

Whereas hunting may require some skills, you have to pay up to $3.95 per squirrel if you buy from the market. Moreover, the price may also depend on the size of the squirrel. Additionally, fresh squirrel meat is worth every penny as they taste amazing.

What Does Squirrel Taste Like?

What Does Squirrel Taste Like

Raw squirrel’s meat won’t appear appetizing or edible. At first sight, you may not even consider having it. The look may be just so unaesthetic that you will avoid them. However, due to the hype they have, you may definitely want to know what does squirrel taste like?

Well, a squirrel may taste as a subtler version of rabbit, with a hint of chicken and buts at the same time. The meat is very sweet in flavor and is finely textured. However, the taste of a squirrel may highly depend on how it is prepared.

Squirrels are widely popular in America and the UK. According to the surveys, 1.8 million Americans have been devouring squirrels yearly. Henceforth, the high demand for squirrels shows that despite looking unappetizing, they taste delicious.

Some of the nutritional facts about squirrel’s meat are in the table below.


Apart from being delicious, squirrels are rich in nutrients too. These tiny beings are packed with healthy vitamins; B6. Moreover, the amount of niacin, phosphorus, and iron is just exceptional.

However, being high in cholesterol, squirrel’s meat must be avoided by those having health issues.

Is Squirrel Meat Good To Eat?

According to the world’s top-class chefs, squirrel meat will be one of the most sustainable meats. However, that is obvious as to how you can say no to a squirrel stew, which is as sweet as potato pie, particularly in South America. 

Squirrel’s meat is good to eat only when it is hunted in winters. However, the meat is safe to eat and is packed with a lot of proteins. But try to separate and discard the brain as it may cause mad cows’ disease.

Packed up with so many nutrients, you must try to have squirrels once. However, because of the high cholesterol found in them, squirrels may be unsafe for you only if you have any heart problems.

Moreover, squirrels may have some other risks as well. They may have a tick-borne disease, and you may contaminate yourself with it. The transference of the ticks may only occur when you come in contact with the contaminated meat.

Apart from this, some may have flea-borne or parasites disease; in this case, the meat may be fatal to you.

Is It Safe To Eat Squirrel From The City?

It is safe to eat the squirrels that are found inside the city. However, you have to take care of the rule and regulations of the city you are residing in. As in some cities, it is actually prohibited to hunt animals.

Moreover, if you are ever thinking of hunting squirrels, do so in the winter season. Genuinely, in summers, the squirrels may have parasites and may be unsafe to eat. Furthermore, discard the brain part while cooking squirrels as they are often poisonous.

Meanwhile, if you will use gunshotsforhunting, do ensure that you have a proper license for shooting or hunting. 

Is It Legal To Eat Squirrel?

In short, yes, you can eat squirrels. However, before doing so, makes sure about the legal aspects of your area. Meanwhile, in some places killing a squirrel is illegal.

Furthermore, they may be caring a fatal disease which you must be aware of; the mad cow’s disease. This virus may usually be found in the brain of the squirrel. For the safer side, try to avoid eating the brain part.

In some countries, the grey ones are legal to hunt, whereas the red ones are not. This discrimination is because of the enormous number of grey squirrels; to make the amount a little less.

Is Squirrel Meat Gamey?

A squirrel may taste a more gamey flavor as compared to any other meat. The taste may develop because of its nutrition, as they are herbivores too. Moreover, the gamey taste will have a hint of nuts which gives squirrel meat this distinct taste.

This gamey-nutty taste is the distinct conventional taste a squirrel has and is loved by so many. Moreover, the taste of the squirrel’s meat may largely depend on what it has been fed. 

Most squirrels eat nuts, hazelnuts, and almonds; thus, they may develop a nutty taste. However, the gamey taste may be because of the shrubs and herbs they have been consuming. 

Can You Eat Squirrel From Your Backyard?

Many chefs have recommended that you must avoid hunting the squirrels from your backyard, as you never know your neighbors may have poisoned them. As they are wanderers, and they may be wandering in everyone’s backyard. 

However, if you are doing so, make sure you are in terms with the law and regulations of your area, as many of the cities have restrictions on hunting in the local areas.

For the time being, in the UK, it is illegal to poison a squirrel. You either have to shoot it or hunt it while hitting it overhead. Whereas in the USA, you have to hunt them using a squirrel trap.

As it is better to be careful than sorry, avoid hunting them during summers. 

Are Squirrels Dangerous To Humans?

A squirrel, when found in your backyard, would seem like tiny cute creatures having furry tails. You may just want to adopt them and have them with you. Moreover, you may love to feed them and watch those tiny beings go from here to there.

Most of the time, squirrels aren’t dangerous to humans. However, they are known to attack children, pets, and adults. Moreover, there are chances that they may carry rabies, as they are rodents. Rabies virus may make squirrels aggressive and ready to attack.

Eventually, squirrels are wild animals, and you may never know when they attack you. Besides, they can churn up the ground and dig up tunnels into your house. Ultimately making your house full of urine and feces. 

How To Cook A Squirrel?

If you are thinking to give the squirrel a try, then you can follow this step-by-step tutorial to cook a squirrel up:

  • You’ll have to clean the squirrel first by removing its head and tail. Now all you are left with a headless and tailless creature.

  • Promptly take a sharp knife and, with one hand, hold the squirrel from the top and cut it in the center at the back.

  • With the help of your hands, remove the skin by pulling and discard all the organs. However, you can have them if you like to.

  • Now wash it under cold tap water and cut them into cubes.

  • In a pan, add water and boil the meat until it simmers.

  • As soon as it simmers, remove them from the stove and pat them dry.

  • Add some delicious spices and herbs according to your taste and dip them in flour.

  • In a frying pan, add oil and deep fry until golden brown.

  • You can serve them with caramelized onions and mushrooms as per your preference.


Concluding this with the fact that it is healthier to give your taste buds something new to try. Moreover, if you didn’t like anything, you can always back out. However, you can never go wrong with the squirrels, as it has this distinct exotic taste.

Besides, now you know what does squirrels taste like? However, for better understanding, do give it a try. Additionally, a carelessly prepared squirrel may taste awful. Still, you don’t have to worry as we have covered the most effortless preparation process for you.

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