Ninja Blender : 15 Secrets No One Told You Before

Ninja remains the best choice of brand for kitchen appliances and stands first in selling the same. The company collaborates with the sister concern Shark and sells products under the label Shark Ninja operating LLC. Also, the company function effectively from the mid 90’s still.

No competitor could replace Ninja and also even the brand name from the minds of customers. Blender sold out under the banner Shark Ninja stands versatile and fit for day-to-day food needs and party get-together.

Scroll down; you are served well with the 15 secrets no one tells you about Ninja Blender. The blender comes in an economically compact size and price but with the ultimate power to blend your fruits and veggies. The company owns more than 150 patented products and serves as the best seller of kitchen appliances.

Ninja Blender Elucidation:

  • The professional blender suits well to make either type of juices, drinks, and smoothies. It is best to serve frozen drink that crushes ice into snow within a fraction of minutes. The product is convenient that arrives as a countertop blender with a 72 oz pitcher that makes you well-served drinks.
  • Along with a mega-sized pitcher, two 16 oz juicer jars help you quick serving drinks and juice rich in nutritional values. Ninja Blender empowered with increased wattage that ensures 3-speeds, pulse, and one-minute servings.
  • The economically good blender remains a good companion in your kitchen and enhances saving your time with day-to-day kitchen activities.

The following will be the frequently asked questions that let you know more about Ninja Blender. The unique answer for each question will drive you to buy your Ninja product today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What Company Owns Ninja Blender?

    The professional countertop blender arrives from the leading and stand-ahead company that collaborates with its sister concern. In the mid-’90s, the company emerged as a start-up in distributing and selling kitchen products small scale.

    The Euro-pro operating LLC Shark Ninja owns the label as the manufacturer and marketing franchise for the products. Though US-based, the company draws its products manufactured under the Chinese collaboration.

    Shark is known for producing vacuums and similar devices. It focuses on marketing vacuum cleaners and household devices. Eureka, i-ROBOT, Dyson, Electrolux are few contemporary competitors focusing on the enriched promotion of products.

  2. Is Ninja Blender Any Good?

    Ninja Blender arrives empowered 1500 watts provided with standard container for blending ingredients and the detachable blades. The manufacturer designed the blender in-built touchpad controls with three speeds and Auto IQ preset buttons for smoothies, purees, and pulse.

    Ninja Blender Secrets

    Compared to the competitor’s brand for blending, Ninja performs well. Yes! Ninja blends ingredients silkier and delivers cool smoothies, shakes and frappes. There is no emission of heat, turning the ingredients hot while blending occurs with Ninja.
    User’s manual helps a lot to perform initial functioning of the blender.

    Additional couple of 16 oz cups that arrives with blender is manipulated for personal blending. Those cups suits with appropriate Auto IQ preset blending.

  3. How Long Does A Ninja Blender Last?

    Durability of the kitchen appliances purely depend on the handling of the product along with manufacturing grievances. The manufacturer assures with varying durability with the products used for house-hold purposes.

    Most of the Ninja products will last 365 days. In other words, 1 year warranty is applicable to most of the Ninja products. However, proper handling and efficient management of blender will extend the life of the product beyond warranty period.

    Consumers report malfunctioning of the product but that could be fixed up with assistance from the authorized service center. For instance, miscarriage of power supply or short circuit results with improper plug-in of the Ninja blender.

    Specialists from the service center will educate their customers regarding proper plug-in and cord supply. This is absolutely not a technical dispute that states the blender to be failure product.

  4. Is The Ninja Safe?

    Various models of Ninja blender arrives touch control pads along with the pitcher and cups to be BPA- free. Reported by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the use of BPA- plastics might cause highly contagious disease. Risk of genetic disorder is witnessed after prolonged use of BPA-plastic. Hence the FDA board banned the use of BPA plastics.

    Any container that is made by BPA is not recommended for use. Especially for infants and children who are intended to use feeding bottles and toddler Sippy cups and either cases are not recommended. The professional Ninja Blender models arrives that carry pitcher and cups made of BPA-free plastic.

    Culinary cookware is cleaned easily and thoroughly using dishwasher. The equipment serves good performances in cleaning kitchen wares. As per the product versatility, Ninja blender models for kitchen purposes are Dishwasher safe, too. Now, the kitchen maids are free from tension to clean the after-use blenders and other kitchen wares.

    On the whole, the Ninja blenders fit for day-to-day activities in culinary purposes. The product speeds up your task and limits your time being consumed unnecessarily in cleaning process. Along with cleaner safety, the products are entirely BPA-free that ensures ecologically safe foods and eatables.

  5. Does Ninja Blender Cause Cancer?

    Shark Ninja operating LLC focuses on manufacturing kitchen appliances and house-hold equipments. The products are free from BPA, a chemical that is contagious to be carcinogenic, is ultimately a valuable point that recommends the use.

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that any home appliances that are built-in with harmful materials are recommended to be banned from usage. Any food processing product is labeled as carcinogenic unless they find the use of Lead while manufacturing the same. Consumers are warned alert not to use leaded products.

    Fortunately, Ninja product line is not supported by mixing lead in the manufacture process. You can find the label ‘’Warning’’ under the pack of Ninja products and that is not much scary. You are assured that your food is not contaminated with lead by means of our products. But still the red-alert might bother you.

    Here’s the answer, Ninja products do not contain lead in its making that come into contact with the food. But still to empower the power supply, the manufacturing unit uses PVC that includes small amounts of lead in its mixture. Even that amounts, too, do not come into contact with your food. Hence proved Ninja products are safe for daily use and does not cause cancer, anymore.

  6. Are Ninja Blenders Dangerous?

    Using Ninja blenders for daily routines is highly recommended as it is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. The pitcher volumes 72 oz is cast out as plastic container also there exists glass pitcher in some models of Ninja.

    The blades assembled in the pitcher threaten laceration that seems handling the Ninja blender quite dangerous. For the purpose, some of the models of Ninja blenders are recalled by US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumers are educated for fine handling of the recalled models they own by additional user’s manual.

    Despite plastic is brittle-free, glass pitcher is demanded for its glossy look even usage after years. However, plastic pitcher does not absorb food colors and do not brittle. The additional one or more Nutri bullet cups are provided as plastic container.

  7. Are Ninja Blenders Loud?

    It’s fine having a kitchen appliance in your home. If not having yet then go for a trial food processor from leading kitchen appliances. Now, it is as important as what food processor does, are the Ninja blenders louder?

    Of course, Ninja blenders are quite noisier compared to the competitor brands. The Ninja blenders though rated top delivers noisy atmosphere while running. Noise pollution created by Ninja blenders is measured as 69 – 88 decibels.

    Despite noisy, remedies to reduce the noise includes placing towel or mat under the motor base while running. The fruit or ingredients that happen to crush or blend will determine the volume created. Comparatively, ice or frozen fruit create noise than liquids or semi-liquids.

  8. Do Ninja Blades Get Dull?

    Ninja blades are standard stainless steel with exclusive sharpness. To retain sharpness of the ninja blades even years after is purely dependent on the handling strategy by the consumers. He or she should follow the do’s and don’t s with the Ninja blenders and its blades, specially.

    Experts who assembled the food processor recommend six factors that blunt the blades of your kitchen appliances. Ice cubes, dried fruits, mashed tubers, hot soupy liquids, utensils and dough are addressed as not recommended ingredients incorporate into Ninja blenders of any model. Desperately either of the case would damage the blades of your Ninja professional model.

    Recalling of few models of Ninja product line might be due the certain reasons that blunt the blades. Crush the ice cubes before blending, stop using spoons until the blender fully blend your ingredients.

    Similarly, let your hot liquid ingredient few minutes before introducing it into the pitcher.

    Close the lid promptly while the blender functioning. Avoid sudden blasting of ice cubes unless your Blender empowered high wattage.

  9. Is The Ninja Blender Only For Smoothies?

    Ninja product line is the versatile combo food processor. Depending on either case model the Blender is subjected for making smoothies. Unless mentioned, it remains very perfect food processor to blend your favorite ingredients.

    If you are not having your own kitchen appliances try the best and suitable blender variety. As far as the kitchen arsenal considered, it is must having a versatile Ninja professional blender products.

    Auto IQ button preset enables the consumer to choose the mode of blending for either cases.

    Not exactly for the single purpose alone is designed, assembled and marketed any Ninja professional product line. The ultimate goal of the manufacturer is to satisfy the customer needs and expectations.

  10. Can You Make Juice In Ninja?

    Ninja product line is especially recommended for juice preparation. Fresh juice made of fruits and veggies ensure sustained of nutritional value with the ingredients. Ninja users are taught with prompt user manual how to make juice in Ninja.

    Try your favorite juice to be served immediately without the loss of nutritional values. Whip the greens that get smashed in a fraction of seconds so that your green cocktail served instantly. Frozen fruit thawed well are allowed to be blasted along with crushed ice cubes.

    Thawing the frozen items and crushing the ice enhance the life of Ninja blades.

  11. Can You Make Orange Juice in Ninja?

    Ninja professional blenders are specially designed for making juice. Even dried fruits like apricot, nutmeg, almonds, and etc are allowed to soak in warm water for few hours.

    Later, it is crushed in the pitcher blender along with ice cubes. Make sure, the ice cubes are crushed before put in to the pitcher.

    Add all the ingredients one by one into the pitcher cup to make your favorite orange juice. Cut pieces of oranges, few ml of honey and sugar for taste and finally add ice cubes in to the pitcher cup. Select appropriate preset button to ultra blend.

    Within a second of time is ready the nutritive orange juices without any preservatives.

  12. Can You Make Celery Juice in Ninja?

    Ninja blenders are user friendly in making juices either of type. Celery juice rich in vitamin C can be made in a fraction of second using brand new Ninja professional blender model. Celery juice is consumed immediately at once prepared.

    If stored in refrigerator it is allowed till 24 hours. Particular models like Nutribullet and others are ideal for making celery juice instantly. High speed blender, fine-mesh to filter fiber, nut-milk bag and a bunch of fresh celery are ingredients required for making celery juice.

    Vitamin C rich celery juice is blended in a fraction of seconds and served cool with crushed ice cubes and bit of honey for taste purpose. With the use of nut-milk bag, the fibers of celery mush is separated and poured to be served.

    It advised to chop the celery before blending.
    Ninja blenders’ supports well making celery and other fresh fruit juices with a pulse of time. Even cleaning the same is quite simple and easy method.

  13. Can You Blend Ice In Ninja?

    User’s manual deeply elaborate using regulations of Ninja professional blenders and the same had restricted the users to avoid mishandling the product.

    Mishandling includes blending inappropriate ingredients. Ice cubes are not permitted to be crushed in Ninja.

    According to user’s manual, six major facts to be prevented from exposing Ninja blenders. Ice cubes one such fact that is not allowed to be blasted as whole. Rather crushed ice cubes are advisable to introduce into the pitcher cup.

    The crushed ice along with other ingredients is now ready for blending.

    Though the pitcher cup is plastic-made, ice cubes do not damage the sides of the cup while blending. It is strictly not allowed to blast ice in Ninja blenders.

  14. Can You Make Dough in Ninja?

    Ninja blenders are professionally designed for making juices, smoothies, soups and cocktails. Kneading the flour mixture is not recommended in Ninja blenders. Specific kneading blade arrangements arrive with fewer models of Ninja appliances.

    However, the Ninja kitchen appliances are very good food processor but not fit for kneading dough. Though specific arrangements for kneading purpose provided with Ninja product, it is not advisable.

    Once the flour start blending the Ninja blades are coated with sticky dough that poses complicated cleaning process of the blenders.

  15. Can You Mix Cookie Dough In Ninja?

    Ninja blenders serve better performances in mixing the cookie dough compared to the electric mixer. Though cautioned in the user’s manual all about that Ninja is not recommended for kneading dough, Ninja blends cookie mixture evenly with damn smoothness.

    Progressive operation is achieved with Ninja blender in mixing cookie dough. Selective models of Ninja blenders do well performance. It is suggestive and versatile appliance that is to be included in the kitchen arsenal.

    The Ninja product occupies meager space and is economically good for average house-hold and kitchen. Rush for appropriate processor today.


Phenomenal features of Ninja blender are discussed in this chapter. The benefits and drawbacks are equally linked wherever necessary. Ninja blender is the very good home appliance that every home maker needs to occupy it in their homes. Put simply, it’s a machine that gains culinary utility by all means.

Beware that Ninja blender is very good companion but if not handled properly they ruin the juices or smoothies, whatever. Please to try to educate you before start handling Ninja blenders.

Thank you!

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