How to Cut Frozen Chicken at Home? – 5 Safe & Effective Methods

Do you face problems in cutting frozen chicken at home with regular kitchen tools?

Well, it true that slicing a solid frozen chunk of chicken is not as comfortable as slicing a loaf of bread.

how to cut frozen chicken at home

So, how to cut frozen chicken at home? To simply your hassle, we came here with some authentic methods to cut frozen chicken without defrosting the whole chicken.

Moreover, we will guide you with safe and healthy defrosting techniques. Luckily, we came with some practical methods to cut the frozen chicken into the desired amount and store the leftover again in the freezer.

How to Defrost Chicken Fast?

Frozen chicken is the best protein source, but it is essential to maintain specific regulation while defrosting it. An improper defrosting can lead to bacterial growth.

The quality of your defrosting technique for chicken puts an impact on the taste of the final dish. The defrosting process is differs based on the size of the chicken.

When you want to defrost a whole chicken, it is suggested to defrost it in a refrigerator.

Some of you might ask can’t we use a microwave for defrosting the whole chicken?

Well, as we know, microwave increases the temperature within minutes. So, the extreme heat starts cooking the chicken’s outer layer without completely defrosting the core of the chicken.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to defrost smaller pieces of chicken, the microwave defrosting and water bath is very useful.

Defrosting Methods That You Should Not Try

Never try to defrost chicken on top of the counter at room temperature or in a bowl of water. When you leave chicken open to the air or submerged in hot water, it supports bacterial growth.

As a result, the cooking contaminated chicken may cause health issues or food poisoning. So, it is always recommended to use other methods to defrost chicken to eliminate bacterial growth.

How to Cut Frozen Chicken at Home : Top 5 Methods

There are various methods to cut frozen chicken and defrost the required portion, defrosting the whole chicken. We find it challenging to cut frozen chicken with a knife without softening it with some or the other way.

However, if you want to cut the solidly frozen chicken, it must be done with a butcher’s saw or electric knife.

1. Vinegar Technique

Using Vinegar on frozen chicken helps in cutting it much comfortably. When you pour a cup of Vinegar on frozen flesh, the temperature increases quickly.

The vinegar acid helps break down the connective tissues of the frozen chicken and makes it more tender and softer.

It is possible to wash the Vinegar off from the chicken after defrosting. In some cases, people add Vinegar to give their dishes a pleasant taste, making them much more delicious.

2. Using Manual Meat Slicer

When there is a need to cut frozen chicken with a manual meat slicer , it becomes a risky task. A hard-solid piece of chicken is not as safe to cut with a manual press meat slicer.

In general, we don’t need the advice to cut a 100% frozen chicken using a meat slicer. If you try cutting a piece of frozen chicken, the blades of the slicer may get damaged.

So, for safe and effective slicing, defrost the chicken at least up to 80%. It makes the chicken much tender and achieves desirable slices of various thicknesses.

3. Using a Regular Knife

Always make sure to choose a good quality knife with sharp serrated edges for uniform smooth cuts. The knife must feel heavy in hand, which will offer you a stable and easy cut.

The knife must be precisely sharpened for making a perfect cut. If you don’t have a knife, visit a knife specialty store and grab a knife suitable for cutting frozen meat.

  • A regular kitchen knife serves best for cutting thin slices of boneless meat, including sausages, tenderloins, and breasts.
  • Leave the meat for some time with its package as if you try to cut hard frozen chicken, your knife will slip off the chicken.
  • Alternatively, you can run it under normal water to soften its outer edges.
  • Always use a large cutting board to hold the frozen chicken correctly with your hands.
  • Hold the knife tight and start with slow cutting with apply uniform force. It will prevent you from injuries.

4. Slicing with Electric Knife

While using an electric knife, always choose a flat countertop with a nearby power outlet. Loop the power cord around the arm as it will not come in the way while cutting the meat.

Electric knives are best for cutting boneless chicken, and you will find electric knives in every departmental and online store.

  • Place the serrated edge of the electric knife blade against the frozen chicken.
  • Always keep yourself alert to keep your fingers away from the blade while cutting the meat, or else you will suffer from serious injury.
  • Apply a small amount of force to cut the frozen chicken.
  • Always keep your fingers at a safe distance so that your fingers don’t slip.
  • Makes surer to use new blades as frozen chicken damages the edges after few cuts.
  • For cutting a thick piece of chicken, you have to rotate the work multiple times cut through.

5. Using a Butcher Saw

It is recommended to wear the glove on the dominant hands for better grip and stable pressure application. The glove helps in holding the meat firmly against the cutting board. The enhanced grip reduces the risk of accidents while cutting frozen chicken.

You will get good quality safety gloves from a nearby kitchen specialty store or eCommerce website.

A butcher saw is best for cutting frozen chicken. It is useful in cutting ribs, shoulders, and bones too.

Indeed, cutting bones is not an easy task. So, if you face difficulties in cutting frozen chicken, try cutting from both sides of the frozen chicken.


We all store chicken in your refrigerator in frozen form as it retains all its nutrients without any contamination. But cutting frozen chicken is a challenging task to perform. So, for your convenience, we include the 5 best methods to use frozen chicken at home.

Defrosting chicken makes it a soft attender to cut into thin slices. However, if you defrosted the chicken in the microwave, then never store it back in the freezer as it can generate a risk of contamination.

Use the useful tools mentioned above to cut 100% frozen chicken and use it for preparing delicious dishes.

Happy cutting and slicing!

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