Chicken Tenderloin vs Breast – What’s The Difference?

Every animal has different parts, limbs, and muscles in its body. According to its location, the name of the muscle is fixed. A chicken usually is divided into 7 to 8 parts. Among them, the chicken Tenderloins is the smallest part and a very soft part too. Chicken bones is one of the proteins enriched and softest part of a body.

Chicken Tenderloin vs Breast

If we discuss the difference between the chicken tenderloins and Breast pieces, you can check it significantly differentiates with their sizes, protein quantity, and shapes. Both are very associated with the chicken, but the differences will be apparent to you if you read the article.

What Is Chicken Tenderloin

Chicken tenderloin or tender is a slice of breast pieces, but it’s not correctly attached with rib. By a single muscle, the tenderloin is separated from the chicken breast part.

In a whole chicken piece, there is two muscle presented in the breast side. One is situated on the other parts. Chicken tenderloin is nearly half in size from the breast. A muscle separates the breast part and tenderloin part where the tenderloin stayed. Until it was moved to the right part, you can notice the smooth section.

The tenderloin is small from the breast, and the breast sizes are twice more extensive than the tenderloin. They are also divergent in shape, which defines the narrow and slim shape of tenderloin. In comparison, chicken tenderloin is higher from the calorie aspects, and there are minimum vitamins, minerals, and fat.

What Is Chicken Breast?

Chicken Breast is the particular breast area of a chicken, and it’s treated as a single piece.

Whenever we purchase the breast piece, it’s sectioned into two parts, and this part is attached with the neck part. The upper side of the leg or drumstick part granted chicken breast the most protein affluent part of a chicken.

This breast has a hardy bone that preserves the strong metabolism of the human body. Bodybuilders used to take it to strengthen their muscles properly. Most people choose breast pieces to eat as the breast recipes are abundant, and also, it’s maintaining your balanced chart.

Chicken Breast is a good collection of lean protein, which is considered high-protein. Also, it’s sugar-free ingredients, and the protein portion is counted 19g. it has zero quantity carbs, and the fat consideration is near 2gram. Doctors also suggest breast part and tenderloin for a healthy diet.

The Difference Between Chicken Breast And Tenderloin?

Chicken Tenderloins and Breasts are considered as a pair of muscles. Both are attached to the same bone. Nutritionally Tenderloins and Breast are separate as Tenderloins are the more tender from the breast.

Who prefer the softest chicken piece without bones, undoubted they can go with chicken breast and tenderloin. There is a noticeable difference in the size. Chicken breast is double in size from the tenderloin part, and it’s is differentiated with the exact muscle.

A slice of tenderloin like the shape of a person’s finger. The breast part attaches to the ribs, but the tenderloin is attached to the breast part. It is juicier and more tasteful from the breast part and thigh part too. If the ribs are removed from the breast part, it became bone-less. But initially, the tenderloin part is boneless. As it consists of the right ingredients, it’s trendy for people.

Like the beef tenderloin, it is more tender because of its location. It does not move much and just sits against the ribs, but with the chicken, unlike beef, the tenderloin is not as different as the loin is to the filet.

Chicken Tenderloin vs Breast : Nutrition Facts

Chicken tenderloin is like a strip where the breast part is attached to the rib of a chicken. These have particular importance from the nutritional facts. USDA provides some important nutrition information related to the chicken breast and tenderloin.

In each 90 gram or 3 ounces of boneless breast chicken piece, there are 128 calories, 2.7-gram fat, 44mg sodium, zero-level carbohydrates, and no fiber and sugar amount. But the protein quantity is noticeable as it is 26g, and also, it’s a good source of selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and niacin.

CharacteristicsChicken BreastChicken Tenderloin
Calorie140 mg330 mg
Protein25.7 mg18 mg
Sodium51 mg510.4 mg
Fat3 gram20.1 gram
Cholesterol83.1 mg50 mg
Iron0.5 mg1.2 mg

If a person is doing his/her diet plans, doctors must suggest the breast meat or particularly the tenderloin part. It can increase muscle strength and density too for a human’s body. It decreases the risk of bone-breakage.

To save from allergies, you can take this, or you have no interest in a chicken’s bone, then prefer this boneless piece such as breast or tenderloin part of the poultry-based creature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is Chicken Tenderloin Good For You?

    Yes, chicken tenderloin is safe for everyone. You can take it regularly.
    Chicken tenderloin or breast both are convenient for health. From children to adults, everyone can take this part for good health.

    As these parts consist of less fat and much protein and don’t take more time to cook, you can casually take it any time of the day. But there should be a limitation of taking it regularly.

    Chicken tenderloin is a thin and tender part of a chicken. This part is adjusted with different cooking techniques, and it manageable with various cuttings.

    It’s completely safe to consume daily but not more than 3 ounces.
    If you want to avoid sodium enriched ingredients or oil-rich components, chicken tenderloin will be best for you. It’s a low-sodium and carries 102 calories.

  2. Is Chicken Breast And Tenderloin The Same?

    No, chicken breast and tenderloin aren’t the same pieces.
    The tenderloin parts arrive from the most adjacent part of the breast when the other is the front part of a chicken. Breast part is granted with high-protein, where the tenderloin is a low-calorie food.

    The main difference is that the breast is less tender than the tenderloin, which is more superior for some people who prefer the taste and texture.
    Chicken breast and tenderloin are both included in lean meat, but the most exciting difference is in the sector of flavor and taste.

    Under the breast part, some white strips are located on another side of the breastbone called the tenderloin of a chicken.

    If you are worried about the sodium quantity, then the chicken breast is for you. It also balances the protein deficiency in your body without consisting the more fat. The softness of the chicken differentiates the breast and tenderloin part.

  3. Is Chicken Tenderloin Better Than Breast?

    Tenderloin is a significant part of the chicken breast. When a tender is cut from the breast usually, its color stays white. Chicken breast is attached part with the rib. The breast part is larger than the tenderloin.

    You can cut the tenderloin part from the breast part, but from the tenderloin part, you don’t get any white stripes breast part.

    When this question is raised which is better between these, it can write that the tenderloin part is more flexible than the others.

    It’s a more enhanced part from its tastes, shapes, and sizes also. As it’s one of the smallest parts of the chicken, you can make healthy recipes with this very easily. When you are searching for the juicier part between these parts, also the answer is the tenderloin.

    Both lean types of meat consist of less fats and amenities of protein. If you are in a hurry, you can choose the breast part or tenderloin part, but it will be better to cook it overtime. Maximum temperature damages the useful properties of a breast piece.

  4. Can Chicken Breast Replace Tenderloins?

    No, they can’t replace their substitutes, ingredients, and shapes also.
    The tenderloins are strips of muscle that run along the inside of each breast half, closest to the bone.

    Tenderloins are smaller than the breast sizes, and also, it’s color are different from the breast. Tenderloins are the most tender part of a chicken, where breast pieces are full of vitamins and minerals.

    When you are cooking both parts, you can check tenderloins will take minimum time to change their color. So be careful about the condition and be free to replace the pieces.

    Who loves to cook different non-Vegas items, breast pieces are their most preferable pieces for their tenderness. The fast-cooking process and softness prepare the item very delicious without any bone. And also, this condition makes its name as tenderloins.

  5. What Part of The Chicken Is The Tenderloin?

    The innermost muscle of the breast muscle is recalled as the tenderloin.
    A single piece of the breast that is whitish is also called a tenderloin.

    Breast pieces are larger than the tenderloin part, and it is separated from a muscle. The tenderloin also parts one of the chicken’s softest parts, and it is associated with both thigh and breast.

    The most tender tenderloin part is also along with the breastbone. Chicken breast is the chicken’s healthiest option and the part of the tenderloin without any carbs, sugar, and harmful ingredients.


Chicken breast is also recalled as chicken strips or chicken fillets, and these are prepared from pectoral is or small muscles of a poultry animal. When the chicken breast is cut into small pieces and fried, the pieces are transferred as chicken fingers.

Chicken tenders are known as “goujons”, and it’s also manageable with various delicious recipes. You can make it in a light or heavy way, but that’s your choice. But if you want to achieve the best result, go with a healthy way.

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