Quick Question : What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

Are you holding yourself back from buying geoduck because you don’t know what does geoduck tastes like? If yes, then rest assured! We will provide you with every detail regarding geoduck.

Although, you are considering having geoduck. Its appearance might be putting you off. That’s why you are confused about whether to take the risk of trying it out or not. Moreover, it’s not easy to prepare geoduck that tastes good.

However, we will help you make a solid decision. Besides, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to prepare the geoduck perfectly.

So, let’s get started!

What Is Geoduck? 

Geoduck is pronounced as “gooey duck,” even though it’s not related to a duck. Its name comes from the word gweduc. It means “dig deep,” basically referring to the way it gets harvested. We will discuss the harvesting process further in this article.

It is a giant clam. Moreover, geoduck is in the coastal area of Canada and North America. It weighs from 2 to 3 pounds making it the largest clam in the world. The shell of geoduck is between 15cm to 20cm. Also, the oldest geoduck recorded to this date was 168 years old. 

For flawless preparation of geoduck, It’s important to know its two significant parts: neck and stomach. The neck(siphon) is the part that sticks out of the shell. The stomach(mantle) is the part inside the geoduck’s shell.

The market value of geoduck rose to about $80 million over time. Live geoducks cost more. Also, you’ll have to pay around $4 more if it’s $6 per kg. However, fresh geoducks are worth every penny as they taste amazing,

How Do You Eat Geoduck?

It might seem like a complicated process. However, it’s pretty easy if you follow the instructions given below:

  • Firstly, boil the geoduck for 20minutes at low heat.
  • After it’s boiled and soft, please place it in a bowl of cold water for 10minutes.
  • Placing it in cold water will help you remove its skin more easily. 
  • Use a sharp-bladed knife to cut the shell. After the shell is open, separate the stomach. 
  • Discard the shell and the stomach.
  • Now remove the skin as it is not edible. 
  • Cut the neck(siphon) in half and make thin slices.
  • That’s it! You can make some chili or cocktail sauce to dip the geoduck slices. 

Are Geoducks Poisonous? 

Geoducks are not specifically poisonous throughout their body. They consume algae that produce PSP toxins. These toxins gather around inside the geoduck’s shell. You can separate and discard the internal part, and the geoduck will be good to eat.

It is said to be harmless as the geoduck flushes out toxins from its body. However, this process doesn’t happen regularly. It instead happens after several months. So, it is better to separate the stomach and discard it before consuming it to be safe. 

Can You Eat Geoduck Raw? 

Yes, you can definitely eat geoduck raw. Most people prefer eating geoduck raw. You can also try having geoduck in sashimi style if you want. You must be wondering what does geoduck taste like in raw form? Well, It tastes excellent. 

However, you have to prepare it with utmost care not to spoil its taste. In case you have never tried eating raw seafood before. Then, It would be best if you prepare some sauce alongside it to boost its flavor. Besides, add some lemon juice on top if you don’t like the fishy taste. 

Is Geoduck High In Cholesterol? 

Geoducks are low in fats and calories. Geoducks have zero calories. Also, eating raw geoduck will not cause any heart diseases. They also have high levels of omega 3, which is especially good for your heart and brain.

If you want to make a healthy addition to your diet. Then, geoduck is the best option. Also, they taste better than the other healthy foods you might be having. You can check the nutritional content of geoduck in the table below:

 Fat Calories18
Total Fat2g
Table : Nutritional data of geoduck

Are Razor Clams And Geoducks The Same? 

Razor clams and geoducks might look similar as they belong to the same family. Indeed, there are some similarities, but they are not noticeable. They vary in size and taste. 

Here is a brief overview of the two differences between razor clams and geoducks.

Razor Clams:

  • Razor clams are around 15cm long. 
  • They are available in North America, Carolina, and even in Europe.
  • A tool like a suction pump is needed to loosen the razor clams. Then, you can dig in the sand to take them out.
  • Razor calms taste soft and chewy. They taste a bit metallic, a little tangy, and slightly sweet. Also, you can get a lot more flavor out of it if cooked properly.


  • Geoducks can even be around 91cm long. 
  • They are only available in North America and Canada.
  • Farmers use a hose with high-pressure water to loosen geoducks. Then, pluck them out. Geoducks are pretty stubborn and hard to pull out.
  • Geoducks taste crispy and savory. It also tastes sweet. At the end of every bite, a little bit of salty flavor kicks in, which is, of course, delicious.

How Do You Eat A Geoduck Clam? 

It is served primarily raw on a plate of ice with some exotic sauce and lemon. However, it would be best if you used these sauces in a moderate amount. Or else you’ll ruin its original taste after you are all set to start eating. You can follow the best of eating geoduck clam mentioned below:

  1. Observe it.
  2. Smell the breeze of the ocean.
  3. Now, take your first bite. Chew it slowly to savor its taste.
  4. Appreciate the flavor by taking your time eating it.

What Does Geoduck Taste Like? 

Geoduck doesn’t look quite appetizing or edible. At first thought, you might not even consider having it. That’s just how unaesthetic they look. However, due to all the hype about them, you might feel like knowing : what does geoduck taste like?

Well, geoduck meat is sweet and salty at the same time. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste fishy despite coming fresh out of the ocean. It’s way crispier as compared to other clams. Basically, how the geoduck will taste is highly depends on the way you prepare it.

Geoduck is widely popular in Asian countries. According to the BBC news, about 90% of the geoduck clams get exported to Hong Kong and China. Hence, the high demand for geoduck shows that despite looking unappetizing, its taste is extraordinary.

It’s not only delicious, but it is also rich in nutrients. These tiny clams are a powerhouse containing iron, calcium, vitamin D, B12, potassium, zinc, and Omega 3 fatty acids. The reason for geoduck considered as an aphrodisiac is its high zinc content. 

Geoducks indeed are beneficial but at the same time extremely hard to harvest. Farmers have to get into icy-cold and muddy waters to pluck them out forcefully. Nowadays, farmers spray water with high pressure to loosen them up and then pluck them out. 

The way geoduck gets served varies from place to place. In Japan, geoduck is commonly prepared and served as sushi or sashimi. In China, It gets used as a chief ingredient in hot pots. Whereas in Korea, it is served raw with some chili sauce on the side. 

How Do You Cook Geoduck? 

Suppose you are not a fan of eating geoduck raw. Then you can follow this step-by-step tutorial to cook the geoduck up a bit:

  • You’ll have to clean the geoduck first. You can boil it to remove the skin.
  • After boiling, take a sharp knife and cut the shell carefully.
  • Once you’ve removed the shell, proceed to remove its internal organs.
  • Discard everything away and only keep the neck and the collar of the geoduck.
  • Cut geoduck in half and prepare thin slices. 
  • Take flour according to the number of your slices. Add in some eggs.
  • Make a thin batter and dip the geoduck slices into it.
  • Heat some oil in a pan and fry the geoduck slices in it.
  • Avoid adding salt as they are already a bit salty.
  • Take the slices out after they are golden brown.
  • Don’t overcook them, or the meat will become stiff.
  • Now you can use it in soup or have it just like that with some rice or sauce.


To sum it up, it is better to broaden your horizon and experiment with your taste. You can always back out if you don’t like what you are eating. However, with geoduck, nothing can go wrong. It indeed is an exotic food with high nutritional value. 

Also, we hope that now you know what does geoduck taste like? Though, you’ll understand its taste even more accurately after having it. Although, geoduck, if prepared clumsily, will taste awful. 

However, in this article, we have covered the preparation process as well.

We hope that you are all set to try out geoducks now!

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