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It is quite fun and exciting to know the food names that start with the alphabet X. however, it is not that easy to find out foods and recipes that begin with X.

So, we gave our best, work harder, and digging deeper and came with the best 25 healthy foods that start with X for you. The list below includes all types of foods, including fruits, veggies, dishes, and much more.

25 Healthy Foods That Start With X

Here we offer you the best 25 healthy foods that start with X.

1. Xouba

Xouba is a popular fish found across Spain, and the European name of the fish is Pilchard. A young Xouba is commonly known as Sardines and is popularly found in oil canned form. Sardines are available in both fresh and preserved forms and is a famous fish in a variety of European dishes. An Adult Xouba fish are also eaten by is not accessible in European countries.

2. Xia Mi

It is a Chinese word and is popular in Asian and South American countries. It is a tiny and dehydrated shrimp. They are mainly used in many dishes to add a savory umami flavor. It is not used as the primary food ingredient, and preferably it is used for seasoning variety of dishes.

3. Xavier Steak

This recipe is made up of three main ingredients that are canned or cooked asparagus, swiss cheese, and a steak. The origin of its name is still not clear to anyone. It might be named after a place or a person named Xavier or after Saint Francis Xavier.

4. Xingren Donfu

Xingren Donfu is one of the best and trendy desserts in China. The main ingredients are agar, sugar, almond, gelatin, and apricot. It is a thick dessert with delicious taste and texture.

5. Xocolatl

The Xocolatl is known as a Mexican hot chocolate but not an original version of hot chocolate. The modern Xocoatl is very strong, sweet milky hot cocoa with some spiciness. In the US, it is one of the plentiful chocolate beverages with little sweetness and spiced up using Chile and cinnamon.

6. Xavier Soup

The Soup is named after Saint Francis Xavier and one of the best Italian Soups. Saint Francis Xavier is a 16th-century Spanish missionary. The Xavier Soup contains ting Parmesan dumplings, and the served with highly rich chicken dumplings.

7. Xanthia

This is one of the old school versions of cocktail from the year 1920 and is not famous now. It is made up of equal parts gin, chartreuse, and cherry brandy. The origin is not precisely known, but as per Greek mythology, Xanthia is named after a Greek goddess. It is also a type of moth.

8. Xinomavro grapes

If you had ever experienced red wine from the central Macedonia region of Greece, then there is a chance it was made with Xinomavro grapes. These grapes are famous because the wine they produce is high in tannin’s levels and acidity. The Xinomavro grapes healthy foods that start with x one of the highly popular and wine across Greece.

9. Xnipec

There are a variety of dishes available in Yucatán, and Xnipec is one of them. It is not very readily available elsewhere in Mexico. It is a fresh form of salsa that resembles quite similar to the pico de gallo. The flavor of the dish is full of orange with highly spicy utilizing habanero chilies.

10. Xacuti

It is an Indian curry mainly found in goa and is very popular. It is mostly made up of coconut, spices, chili, white poppy seeds, and chicken or lamb. It is quite similar to Chacuti, a Portuguese dish.

11. Xampinyons Mushrooms Salsa

It is a dish made up of mushrooms with sauce and very popular in Spain. It is one of the classic tapas dishes of mushroom. It is mainly cooked with traditional wild and foraged mushrooms cooked with sherry, lots of garlic and herbs.

12. Xidoufen

This is a soup available in the Yunnan province in China. It is comprised of boiled pea-meal, chili oil, chili flakes, highly spiced ginger, and onion. It is also known as Pea Porridge and is served with scallion pancakes or fried flat breads.

13. Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao is a fashionable and trendy soup dumpling. It is a unique steamed dumpling filled with pork and hot broth. The dish is a Chinese dish and is very famous across China. It is an excellent piece of food with artistic presentation and bit tricky in eating.

14. Xi Gua Lao

Xi Gua Lao is a special kind of dessert made up of crushed watermelon.
This delicious dessert is famous in Beijing, China. The dessert contains watermelon, vanilla powder, Sugar, chopped cherry, and agar. The food that starts with the letter x is mainly popular during the summer season.

15. Xalapa punch

It is one kind of cocktail, and Xalapa punch is on the bitter side and sour sangria. It is made up of strong brewed black tea, red wine, brandy, lemons, and oranges.

16. Xoconostle

Xoconostle is a central Mexican fruit. The origin of the Fruit is from the cactus plant. It is a sour fruit and is rarely eaten by anyone. It is mainly used to give a citrus feel and taste to several salsas and mole sauces.

17. Xigua

is an African fruit found on the western side of the region. It is locally known as a citron melon. It is widely known and loved watermelon all across the globe.

18. Xiphias gladius

It is a Swordfish and is also known as Broadbill in various countries. It is an oily fish and contains highly toxic levels of methyl mercury. It is one of the famous fish for cooking, and its meats are mainly sold as steaks, which are mostly grilled. The flesh of the fish is substantial and offers a smooth texture in the mouth.

19. Ximenia

This Fruit is also known as tallow wood, yellow plum, hog plum, sea lemon, or Chamorro. The shape of the leaves is oval, bright green, and offers a smell of almonds. The colors of the flowers are pale, and fruits are reddish-orange and lemonish yellow. The taste of the Fruit is pleasant, like a plum.

20. XOI

The term XOI is a Vietnamese word mainly used to represent a bowl of sticky rice. This rice is prevalent and mostly prepared for breakfast. Xoi is a food beginning with x is beautiful food that can be paired with a variety of different food combinations. Traditionally Xoi is taken with sesame and peanut, chicken, egg, and black beans.


sauce is a Hong Kong-based spicy seafood sauce. It offers an umami flavor. It is trendy in the southern area of China, mainly in the Guangdong region. It is made up of chili peppers, dried shrimp, garlic, dried scallop, Jinhua ham, and canola oil.

22. XMAS Cookies

These traditional Christmas cookies come with traditional world-class recipes and are mainly prepared and eaten during Christmas eve. It comes in multiple varieties, sizes, and shapes. It contains different types of dry fruits and other rich ingredients.

23. XMAS Cakes

Cakes are ubiquitous, but XMAS cakes are very different from a typical cake. It is prepared at home during the eve of Christmas and includes some best delicious ingredients including almonds, fruits, etc. the taste of the cakes varies from house to house and offers a whole new experience for a cake lover.

24. XIA

The word XIA is a Chinese word used to represent Shrimp. It is trendy in Guangdong are of China. While talking about the looks and presentation of the shrimp dumplings, they smooth and transparent. It is used to make traditional Chinese dumplings known as Xia Jiao.


It is a substitute for Sugar, and it is extracted from the fibers’ if the plants. Some of the plants are berries, corn husks, and birch bark. The taste of Xylitol is similar to Sugar, but it is tough for a human body to absorb and digest it completely. It is suitable for the human body as it contains fewer calories.


Completing the post is challenging for us to include almost all the foods and dishes that start with X. we hope our 25 healthy foods that begin with X will offer a broad knowledge of food items across the globe. This guide will surely motivate you to prepare one of the dishes at home.

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