Important Guide : Where To Buy Vitamix Blender?

We all love to have homemade juices, smoothies, and other fresh soupy dishes. But don’t you think it requires a lot of physical labor to prepare the dishes, shakes, and juices?

We all need to have an effective blender to blend various food items within minutes. However, if you are planning to buy an ordinary regular blender, then hold on.

where to buy vitamix blender

We are here to offer you a versatile Vitamix blender that can serve all your blending needs. So keep reading the post and check where to buy Vitamix Blender?

What can a Vitamix do that a Blender can’t?

A Vitamix is one of the most powerful blenders which can serve a variety of food mixing activities. However, you will notice the real difference in power when comparing it with any regular blender.

The best thing about a Vitamix blender is that it can be used precisely with its manual control blending speeds. 

In addition, it offers a whopping speed of 2 horsepower, which allows you to mix cold cocktails, chip dips, cake batter, and all kinds of soups.

Can You Juice Using a Vitamix?

Vitamix is a potent variant of a regular ordinary blender. Most of us use low-powered blenders for preparing homemade juices. 

However, if you have a Vitamix blender, you can effectively prepare fruits and vegetable juices with its manual speed controller.

Vitamix blender is a versatile blending tool that can serve all recipes, including nut milk recipes and cake batter.

Where To Buy Vitamix Blender?

We all want to have a multipurpose blender that can effectively prepare both delicate and harsh blending needs. But, indeed, it is not readily available in nearby stores. 

Well, to solve all your buying hassles, we suggest you go for Amazon or Vitamix Blender’s official website.

The benefit of purchasing from Amazon is that it ensures you with original products. Apart from that, you will get an authentic brand warranty as per the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. 

Never try to buy from local shops as they may provide you with counterfeit products which you can’t recognize on first look.

Top 3 Vitamix Blender You Can Buy

1. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender – Our Pick

Vitamix A3500 is a modern blender that comes with advanced blending features. It offers the users 5 program settings to prepare smoothies, hot soups, dips, spreads, and frozen desserts.

In addition, the blender is excellent and smartly designed with self-cleaning technology, which improves life and usability.

The size of the container is large, which can easily hold large batches. In addition, the 64-ounce container can process all types of recipes and automatically stops once the blending is done.

The variable speed of the blender controls the process smoothly. In addition, you will get a pulsating blending feature which improves the consistency of the food you blend.

Being a modern blender, Vitamix A3500 ships with wireless connectivity technology. The feature allows you to control the blender using a mobile application. The application is available for both iOS and Android. The best thing about the application is that it allows you to have 17 program settings with 500+ recipes.


Comes with 5 program settings for hot soups, smoothies, dips, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning.
Application-based 17 programs and 500+ recipes
Touch screen control allows the user to easy wipe cleaning
Variable speed control with a pulsating feature
Built-in wireless connectivity for effective adjustment of programs for best blending
Programmable timer which offers excellent recipe management


Generates loud noise at higher speeds.

2. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender – Also Good

It is always safe to use a professional-grade blender for regular blending to serve better results with long operational life. The Vitamix 750 blender is best for preparing all types of meals with its 64-ounce container.

The blender allows the user to have a pulsating blending to add a quick burst of power. It offers great consistency and is perfect for all food types.

The self-cleaning technology is best when cleaning the container in just 60 seconds without disassembling. In addition, the container comes with a low profile design which makes it convenient to store in all kitchen cabinets.

The product comes with superior blending settings, which are perfect for preparing smoothies. You can enjoy all food blending with baby food making and cake batter too.

The product is best for its powerful motor, which runs smoothly even at a high load. The container pushes the food down into the blades for fast blending. The stainless steel blades are precisely crafted with friction heating for steaming soups.

Finally, the product allows you to grind cover beans and nuts with no extra hassle.


Perfect for all family meals with its 64-ounce container
Variable speed with pulse feature to create quick bursts of power
Fast 60 seconds Self-cleaning with no dissembling
Convenient multiple programs settings for all types of blending
Stainless steel blends with friction heating for steaming hot soups
Powerful motor for grinding coffee beans, nuts, and much more.


Not suitable for small blending batches.
Empty container produces high noise.

3. Vitamix Explorian Blender – Best For Daily Needs

The Vitamix Explorian blender is best for blending all your daily needs. It comes with a 64-ounce container for large batches in a go. In addition, the container comes with a low profile shape which makes it perfect for storing in all kitchen cabinets.

In addition, you can enjoy its variable speed for better-controlled blends depending on your needs.

Not all blends support think blending like batter preparation. But with Vitamix, you can prepare both delicate and heavy blending without changing the appliance. The cleaning procedure is also effective with its fast 60 seconds cleaning.

The blender’s container is precisely designed to push the food down into the blades for a smooth blending experience. The blades are made up of high-quality stainless steel, which delivers the best stable blending.

The blades are best in delivering high steaming heat for soup preparation. On the other hand, you can prepare baby food, grinding coffee beans and nuts.


Low profile 64-ounce container which easily fits all kitchen cabinets
Variable speed control for varsity of blending with superior texture
Self-cleaning at high speed in just 60 seconds
Precise container design creates a downward force for best blending
Stainless steel blades with superior friction heating for steaming soups
Effective in preparing baby food


Not effective blending small quantities of food

Is a Vitamix Blender Worth It?

Vitamix blenders are one of the famous and widely accepted brands. It is well known for its powerful performance and versatile productivity. The cost of the product truly justifies the performance it offers to its users.

You will love to use the Vitamix blender to operate as it is one of the most accessible blenders in the market. Being a powerful blender can successfully satisfy all your blending requirements without losing its consistency and performance. 

So we suggest you grab a Vitamix blender for your kitchen and enjoy professional blending.

Final Verdict

The blog’s main objective is to offer you the best blending tool that can serve various requirements.

No matter whether you wish to prepare regular juices, shakes, or smoothies. But with a Vitamix blender, you can have Crete cake batter, nut butter, and a variety of pudding within minutes.

We recommend you have the product to cut down your expenses and invest in a single blending appliance for all needs. Do let us know if you have any queries regarding this product.

Happy Blending!

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