How Much Freezer Space For Half A Cow?(Know All the Sizes)

If you are in the food industry, buying meat in bulk is a good alternative for freshness and productivity. However, you may be perplexed as to how you may preserve half a portion of cow meat or how much freezer space for half a cow?

Ideally, sizes should be 8 cubic feet for 1/2 cows. However, if you wish to keep 1/4 cows, you would require a space of 4 cubic feet. Again, 16 cubic feet is plenty for a whole cow.

Moreover, below we’ve discussed how much freezer space you’ll need, how to chop cow halves for storage, and how to package the meat in this post. So, continue reading till the conclusion.

The Right Size Freezer For Half A Cow

An average cow’s half usually weighs between 160 and 220 pounds. Additionally, a 4 cubic foot chest freezer can hold enough food to weigh about 85 pounds.

So, half of a cow can be stored in an 8 cubic foot chest freezer, while a whole cow can be kept in a 16 cubic foot chest freezer. 28 pounds of cut and dressed cow meat will fit in one cubic foot of freezer space.

To be more specific, it would be best to spend money on a chest freezer with a minimum capacity of 8 cubic feet.

Ideal Size Freezer For A Whole Cow

From a whole cow, you’ll get between 320 and 440 pounds of meat. And a chest freezer with 16 cubic feet of space is good enough to fit a whole cow.

However, if you have meat over 320 pounds then 16 cubic feet space will be tight to fit. So consider going a little bigger even though it is the minimum size advised for the whole cow.

Different Cuts Of Cows (Weight and Packaging)

Basically, it depends on how much beef is being used and how much room it takes up in the refrigerator. Different pieces and cuts have various names and are packaged for various times. The weight of the beef may vary depending on whether or not a portion has bones.

From a cow, you can obtain both primal and subprimal cuts.

Different Cuts Of Cows

There are six main beef cuts: short plate, chuck, round, flank, sirloin, and loin. Sub-primal cuts can be created by further modifying these primal cuts into thinner slices.

There are many different kinds of sub-primal cuts, including top round, tenderloin, ribeye, and others.

A primary cut is a sizable portion of the weight of the cow. In this situation, you might need to store it in a freezer or cold rooms. On the other hand, sub-prime cuts can weigh anywhere between one and ten pounds.

These cuts can come in a variety of sizes depending on how many adults eat beef. Saving cuts big enough for a meal is the goal.

In addition, 28 pounds of meat need at least a cubic foot of space. Also, your freezer needs to be properly ventilated with cold air. Avoid overloading your freezer to make maintaining a constant temperature easier.

Packaging properly is also crucial.  It is better to use sterilized packaging and keep the area tidy. Before packing, make sure the meat is completely dry.

The beef must be packaged in airtight Ziploc bags for storage. As an alternative, you can enhance the meat’s quality by vacuum-sealing it.

If properly packaged, beef can be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months. Furthermore, by properly packaging your beef, you can avoid freezer burns.

How To Organize Your Freezer When You Have A Lot Of Beef At Once

Based on what you ask for, your butcher may be able to provide you with different cuts. However, it is essential to consider the following factors in either case:

  • If you buy offal, liver, etc., you should separate them quickly from the rest of the meat. Butchers can put them together in a bag. You can categorize them as follows:
  • Take a packet for the stomach and intestines.
  • Another for the liver and heart, and another for the tongue and brain.
  • It is the time to talk about flesh and bones. You can then take another packet of meat with bones. 

This arrangement allows you to freeze any amount of beef properly. In addition, you can store more beef in a small freezer.

cow in the nature



When you buy bulk beef, you consider how much money you’ll save by preserving it. As a result, before storing half a cow, make sure you have enough freezer space in your freezer.

It should be large enough to hold the entire amount of beef required for a specific storage purpose, not just half of a cow. 

Because a half cow weighs about 220 pounds, an upright freezer is best suited for purchasing more than 12 of a cow.

You should also think about them if you’re buying a whole cow. Avoid overfilling your freezer to avoid poor circulation of cold air and temperature fluctuations.

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