How Many Cups in a Quart – Complete Precise Measuring Guide

A quart is a unit of liquid volume and is equal to a quarter gallon. There are two different measurements of the fluid quart: the UK imperial quart and the US fluid quart. The US quart (946.35 ML) is smaller than the UK quart (1136.52 ML).

What Is the Cup?

Cup is a volume unit. The imperial cups are no longer used today and replaced by the metric cups. The symbol is ‘c’.

What Is Quart?

The quart is an imperial and United States customary measurement systems volume unit. 1 US fluid quart is equal to 4 US cups. The symbol is ‘qt’.

How to Convert Cups to Quarts

There are 4 cups in a quart, to convert cups to quarts, just divide the cup value by 4.

Quick Guide – How Many Cups in a Quart

So if you are in a rush then here is a chart for you that will give you an idea of How Many Cups in a Quart.

  • 2 cups to quarts = ½ quart in 2 cups
  • 4 cups to quarts = 1 quart in 4 cups
  • 8 cups to quarts = 2 quart in 8 cups
  • 16 cups to quarts = 4 quart in 16 cups
  • 24 cups to quarts = 6 quart in 24 cups
  • 32 cups to quarts = 8 quart in 32 cups

How Many Cups There Are in A Quart?

Some simple calculation will solve this one.
US quarts to cups
1 Quart (US, fluid) = 4 Cups (US)
1 Quart (Dry, US) = 4.6546 Cups (US)
UK quarts to cups
1 Quart (UK, fluid) = 4 Cups (UK, imperial)

The above conversions may help most of the people. It’s worth noting that an issue may arise if you mix up the different cup sizes. For example, the UK rarely references UK imperial cups in recipes and often adopts the metric cup, which is used in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth. The metric cup is smaller (250 ML) than the imperial cup (284.131 ML).

Quarts to A Cups Conversion Table

I’ve included a reference table of conversions to help you see how many cups there are in a quart. This chart assumes you’re either using the US fluid quart and cup or the UK quart and imperial cup.


1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 24
7 28
8 32
9 36
10 40
11 44
12 48
13 52
14 56
15 60
16 64
17 68
18 72
19 76
20 80
21 84
22 88
23 92
24 96
25 100
26 104
27 108
28 112
29 116
30 120

Final verdict

If the questions only stopped at how many cups in a quart! There are so many more conversion questions while cooking. Here are a few more answers to cooking measurements. There are 16 tablespoons in a cup.There are 8 tablespoons in a 1/2 cup.There are 5 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon in a 1/3 cup.There are 4 tablespoons in a 1/4 cup.There are 2 tablespoons in a 1/8 cup.There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon.

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