7 Best Juicers For Ginger 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Are you struggling to extract ginger juice and looking for the best juicers for ginger? If yes, then you have clicked the right place. As here, we have collected all the related solutions to your worries.

Ginger has an abnormal shape and texture. Plus, it can be immensely challenging to extract the juice out of it. However, many manufacturers in the market claim to be the best for juicing ginger shots.

Therefore, we have designed a detailed guide that enables you to find the perfect juicer for ginger. So, let’s explore the juicers in detail.

7 Best Juicers For Ginger 2022

1 Breville BJE430SIL Centrifugal Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer, Silver, BJE430SIL

Typically, fresh juices extracted from fruits and vegetables have a half-life of 24 hours or less. However, you can rest assured that your juice will remain fresh with Breville juicer for more than two days.

Being equipped with cold spin technology and an elevated juicing system keeps the juice at the lowest temperature while processing. This technology also transfers less than 1.8℃ temperature to the vegetables and fruits during extraction.

Moreover, the mesh size and filters are dynamic and preserve the juice’s nutrients from heat building up from the motor. Plus, the motor system is highly efficient and runs at 850 watts.

With this much power, you do not need to cut or slice the fruit and vegetables. If you are in a hurry, it hardly takes a few minutes to have a fresh glass of juice. The function knob comes with two-speed modes. The first high-speed mode is for hard vegetables and fruits.

While the second low-speed mode is for delicate vegetables like leafy ones and soft fruits, a seal & store jug is attached to the juicer, where the juice gets collected, and not a single drop of it will be wasted.

In addition to that, cleaning this beginners juicing machine is super easy as it has a stainless-steel filter bowl, plastic covers, high-quality discs that are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend you to wash blades and micro-mesh filters with hands for longevity.


  • Durable
  • No Noise
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Two speed modes


  • No froth separator
  • More pulp wastage

2 Breville JE98XL Centrifugal Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel, JE98XL

Breville JE98XL is undoubtedly one of the most efficient juicers. Its unique 3-inch extra-wide chute allows the user to extract juice in no time. Also, you can put in entire fruit and hard vegetables in the machine, and fresh juice flows out in 3 seconds.

Furthermore, the unique juice extraction system comes with sharp titanium-coated plates and stainless-steel micro-mesh filters. The sharp and smooth edges of the blades can cut the most complex fruits and vegetables. Thus, extract 3% more juice than any other juicer.

Breville JE98XL is secure and safe to use because it comes with a safety locking arm. Furthermore, this feature restricts the user from turning on the machine until the lid has been closed and secured. Within this price range, these many security and safe juicing mechanisms are impressive.

Moreover, the Breville JE98XLis a high-quality and sturdy juicer. Its external parts are made up of high-quality polymer. Plus, the design is sleek and stylish yet suitable for daily use. Moreover, internal disks and meshes are dishwasher safe.

The power chord remains open in many juicers, but in Breville JE98XL, the power chord wraps around the machine’s base. Plus, the device has a separate detachable pulp container which makes it easy for cleaning.

Lastly, it comes with a jug that you can store in the refrigerator. Moreover, it has two-speed modes that easily extract the juice of tough vegetables. Also, at low-speed extraction, the juice of leafy vegetables remains fresh and rich.


  • Quiet motor
  • Froth separator
  • Short prep time
  • Safe and secure


  • Difficult To Clean
  • Not Suitable For Soft Fruits.

3 Hamilton 67601A Beach Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feed Chute for Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal Extractor, BPA Free, 800W Motor, Black

Hamilton 67601A is the best juicer for ginger, but you can also extract the juice of almost any vegetable and fruit. Also, the extraction technology is innovative enough to extract three times more juice from the same amount of ginger than other juicers.

Most parts like the food cover, juice pusher cutting discs, and pulp collecting bin are detachable and come with a cleaning brush. If you are rushing, you can put the machine for cleaning on the dishwasher upper shelf. So, it is effortless to clean.

However, the discs should be cleaned manually with a brush for the long life of the machine. It is highly durable and BPA-free. Plus, it is easy to assemble and store. You have to add the filter and close the latches.

Furthermore, the inlet chute is approximately 3 inches wide, which means lesser cutting fatigue. You can add whole fruits like apple, beetroot, and pineapple, and the juicer will handle the rest.

The pulp collector attached to the machine is extra-large, so you don’t have to clean it repeatedly. Instead, the pulp collected in the bin will be clean and can be used for making jams and other recipes. In addition, recipes and juicing tips are included in the manual for delicious juicing.

The motor power is 800 watts which is enough to handle the most complex vegetables and fruits like celery and apples. In addition, the stainless-steel micro-mesh cutters and filters make the juice super smooth in less than 3 seconds.


  • Big chute
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Best for vegetables


  • Slightly loud
  • Slightly inefficient

4 KitchenIQ Ginger Grater Tool

KitchenIQ Ginger Grater Tool,White/Green

KitchenIQginger grater is super easy and the best ginger juicer. It comes with unique V-shaped etched blades that make it easy to grate the ginger vertically and horizontally. The edges are non-sticky, made up of stainless steel, plus entirely safe to use.

Moreover, KitchenIQ comes with two sides. The first side is used for mincing the ginger, while the other side is for slicing it. The grater comes with a spoon tool that makes it easy to peel the skin of ginger with much ease and less loss of pulp.

Moreover, the shape of the tool is compact and easily fits in kitchen cabinets. Those who like to grate and enjoy fresh ginger juice are best because it comes with a two-sided container to keep ginger.

Plus, there is a drawer beneath the grater which holds ginger mince and slices. Proprietary technology squeegee scrapes the pulp automatically and keeps the ginger wet. Then, with the help of a protective blade cover, you can squeeze the aromatic sap of ginger easily.

Moreover, it is user-friendly. Just cut slices of ginger, peel with the peeler, and you are good to go. Also, you can wash it manually, or you can throw it in the dishwasher. Finally, the double-sided feature of this grater makes it easy to get fresh ginger juice for marinades and food dressing.

Nonetheless, this grater is versatile and can be used for mincing garlic. In many graters, the juice of ginger almost goes to waste but not anymore. As this juicer keeps the ginger wet, and after squeezing the mince of ginger, you can use the residue for recipes.


  • Easy to use
  • Budget Friendly
  • Great Ginger Peeler


  • Manual operates
  • Slightly Difficult To Clean

5 Oster JusSimple Juice Extractor

Oster JusSimple 2-Speed Easy Clean Juice Extractor with Extra-Wide Feed Chute, FPSTJE9010-000, 900W, Black/Silver

If you don’t want to lose time and want to get a good amount of ginger juice, then Oster just simply is the best for you. Also, it has the most robust motor with 900-watt power. This means no matter the hard vegetables and fruits you add. It squeezes their juice within no time.

The internal pieces like meshes and blades are made up of stainless steel, making them more durable. Therefore, you can easily unassemble the parts for proper cleaning. Furthermore, there is an extra-large attachment of the pulp collector.

When you drop the fruits uncut and sliced through the wide chute of the machine, it extracts every single drop of juice from it. You can add ginger, beetroot, celery, and leafy vegetables like kale, and it will give you smooth, silky textured juice in no time.

It comes with a dual setting operation. Fast speed mode is for hard vegetables and fruits, while slow mode is for leafy green vegetables. Further, it has a pressing handle, which pushes the fruits and veggies towards the sharp blades for more juice.

In addition, OsterJusSimple has a classic and sleek designed pitcher for the collection of juice. You can keep 32ozof liquid in the refrigerator for a couple of days. It keeps the fluid fresh and inhibits oxidation. Plus, it comes with a froth separator to avoid the collection of foam on top.

Once you are done with extraction, the washing is relatively easy. Simply wash the discs manually with water. With the easy rinse and ready feature, it cuts down the cleaning time. Otherwise, you can add the pitcher, lid, and pulp collector to the dishwasher’s upper shelf.


  • Self Cleaning
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • High Speed Motor
  • Highly Durable


  • Slightly hard to clean

6 Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite

Tribest Greenstar GSE-5050 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer, Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer & Juice Extractor, Chrome

Tribest Green Star juicer is an award-winning juicer and the best for all fruits and vegetables. Its innovative two-gear technology extracts more juice than leading brand juicers. Furthermore, it reveals that it preserves all the natural nutrients and minerals of the product.

Moreover, with advanced mastication technology, Green Star imitates the human teeth mechanism for juice extraction. It has powerful pocket recesses in canine shape for cutting string cellulose. Also, pocket recess for slicing mimics the incisors.

Moreover, the base gear teeth are for a crushing mechanism that imitates molars. Therefore, it extracts more juice with all three mastication processes and keeps the necessary minerals like calcium, zinc 50-200% more safely than other named juicers.

In addition to that, Green Star has exclusive magnetic and ceramic technology, which makes it the best juicer for ginger shots. With this technology, the machine arranges the water molecule cluster and adds more valuable nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to the juice.

Plus, Green Star is highly versatile and can serve as a food processor. You can use it to make sorbets, pate, sauces, and butter. It grinds everything nice and smooth with its twin gear technology.

Additionally, it comes with different screens. For instance, an exemplary screen gives you smooth juice with no pulp. At the same time, a coarse screen adds little pulp to your juice and gives rich juice. Plus, it has a homogenized blank for food processing and making rice cakes and breadsticks.


  • Easy Cleaning
  • Two Gear System
  • Pressure Adjustment
  • Advanced Technology


  • Slightly Pricy
  • Hard To Clean

7 Cuisinart CJE-1000Juice Extractor

Cuisinart Juicer Machine, Die-Cast Juice Extractor for Vegetables, Lemons, Oranges & More, CJE-1000P1,Silver/Black, 15.35' x 11.8' x 19.01'

It is healthy to start your day with great anti-inflammatory ginger juice, but the noise of ordinary juicers can wake up the whole family. Well, not anymore because the Cuisinart juice extractor is here to operate quietly for your peace of mind.

It is the most advanced and one of the best juicers for ginger root. It has a 1000-watt powerful motor that operates at five different speeds. So now you can juice the most stubborn fruits and vegetables conveniently.

Further, it has a3 inches wide chute and engulfs whole fruits in one go. However, the large size and tough skin fruits like pineapple should be cut first. Plus, it has a larger pulp collecting bin with a 2-liter capacity. So, you can juice easily without emptying the juicer repeatedly.

The blue LED light ring knob has a five-speed control system. You just have to set the speed and feed the product. Once the extraction is done, the juice will flow out into the collecting jar. The anti-drip feature adjusts the smooth flow of fresh juice.

Moreover, the collecting pitcher is made up of high-quality, durable material and holds up to 1-liter juice. The pitcher is highly portable, can be carried to the table and refrigerator. Plus, the juicer comes with recipe books to enable you to try more flavors of raw juices.

Lastly, the machine comes with an easy cleaning mechanism. It has a brush for effective cleaning, or you can use the dishwasher for easy cleaning. In addition, the stainless-steel blades and external construction make it highly durable.


  • Easy Locking System
  • Five Speed Settings
  • Froth Management Mesh
  • Three Years Warranty


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Limited Warranty

Best Juicers For Ginger Buying Guide

By now, you must know all about the best juicers and the unique features they have. However, it must be hard to select the perfect juicer according to your needs when each of them offers such excellent benefits.

For that purpose, we have listed below some of the important factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Parts Of Juicer

Considering ginger as the most difficult to clean and fibrous herb. The juicer should have metallic inner parts, notably the mixer.

Moreover, the parts should be easy to clean. It is better to avoid juicers with complex assembly.


Many juicers in the market come without any warranty, and sometimes people receive faulty and broken pieces.

Therefore, it is better to check the condition of the juicer first. Plus, juicers with an extended warranty should be considered for buying.


Always keep your budget as a priority before buying anything. Many brands are offering less advanced juicers with low to medium-ranged juicers. Be sure to choose the juicer from a reputable brand.


Most juicers make harsh noise while grinding the hard vegetables and fruits. Plus, most centrifugal juicers which mix the pulp with juice create more noise.

So, if you want a less noisy juicer, then you should go for cold-pressed masticating juicers.

Dimension And Weight

In case you are a regular juice-drinking person and only want a ginger juicer for occasional use. Then it would help if you went for compact size juicers.

However, if you are fond of healthy raw juices and have enough space for an advanced juicing machine, go for multiple function advanced juicers.


Mostly juicers that have centrifugal mechanism consumes more power. This is because they extract juice from the product, finely cut the pulp, and mix it with juice.

So, if you like thick and pulp-rich juice, then go for a high-power machine. Otherwise, opt for slow juicers.

Feeding Chute

A giant feeding chute means lesser cutting fatigue. Most juicers come with a 3-inch-wide feeding chute. It saves you a lot of time, and the juice you get will be freshly made with less effort.

However, if you want to enjoy slow juicing, then you can opt for masticating juicers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of juicer should I buy?

It would help if you went for masticating juicers for leafy vegetables and soft fruits because they extract juice from the pulp correctly. However, if you want to enjoy hard vegetables and fruits like apples and carrots, go for centrifugal juicers.

Can you put ginger through a juicer?

Yes, you can put ginger in a juicer. Ginger is a fibrous herb, so it contains lots of valuable nutrients and minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to use slow masticating juicers that slowly extract ginger skin and pulp.

Is it easy to clean?

Mostly juicer’s inner discs, blades, lids, and mashers are made up of stainless steel, making it super quick to wash them. Moreover, usually, juicers are dishwashers safe, so just put them on the upper shelf of the dishwasher, and it cuts the extra washing time.

Are masticating juicers better?

Masticating juicers are good. Though they are slightly towards the expensive side, they properly extract juice from the ingredient. However, they consume more time, but the quality and amount of liquid that this juicer gives is fantastic.

Final Verdict

Ginger juice is delicious and rich in nutritional value, and good for health. However, getting juice out of it is not easy. That’s why we have reviewed the above best juicers for ginger. However, there are two juicers that we highly recommend for you.

First and foremost is Tribest Green Star Juicer. It is highly efficient. Though it is slightly pricy, it is masticating juicer and extracts every drop of juice from the ingredients. Also, it has multiple applications in your kitchen. So, don’t hesitate to invest a little extra for the mind’s peace.

Lastly, we recommend the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain because it is a centrifugal juicer. It saves you time, it is mighty and extracts a quality amount of juice.

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