7 Best Blender For Vegetable Smoothies In 2022

Nowadays, smoothies are trendy and the most demanding health drink. But, do we have to understand why it is so?

These beverages serve the best taste, which enhances nutritional intake. You can prepare smoothies at your home with some easy methods and tools.

Furthermore, these drinks are genuinely customizable and allow you to add every food ingredient per your mood, liking, and nutritional objectives. Green Smoothies are the best drinks to have vitamin-rich leafy vegetables without disturbing your daily diet plan.

Here is the 7-best blender for vegetable smoothies to serve you with a superior blending experience with a perfect velvety smooth, delicious drink.

7 Best Blender For Vegetable Smoothies

1 Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender – Our Pick

Vitamix professional series 750 comes with automatic blending features with high-quality results. The appliance comes with good quality five pre-programmed settings. It helps the blender with best-in-class blending with easy one-click cleaning. The product is excellent for serving extraordinary results for both hard and soft food ingredients.

The powerful motor allows you to prepare frozen desserts, hot soups, delicious smoothies for breakfasts, and purees for seasonings and dressings. It is always essential to have a good quality blender that supports all blending and other food processing needs. Vitamix is a brand that comes with a 64-ounce container.

It is best for serving large batches and best for serving family meals with risk-free operations. The strong blender can even crush ice and dried fruit and vegetables in under ten seconds! This is complemented by its distinctive irregular blade, positioned at four different angles to attract ice into the core for eventual grinding effectively.

The insightful high-speed motor adjustment seems to be another exciting aspect of this blender. It detects the ingredients of the blender and ensures the appropriate speed to process all of your food items. This blender has a 64-ounce container size and can provide a good smoothie for breakfast for a family.


Easy Cleaning
Perfect to have convenient and consistent results for frozen dessert, soup, smoothies, and purees
best for family meals and risk-free operations
Hardened stainless steel blades perfect for blending toughest ingredients
Self-cleaning option with a drop of dish soap and warm water


Not great for blending small batches with fewer ingredients

2 Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade

Vitamix 5200 is a professional-grade blender that serves the best blending experience. The blender is suitable to deliver high-quality smoothies within minutes. The blender is fitted with a potent motor that serves great textures from all types of vegetables and other food ingredients.

We all want to have a controlled blender that has variable speed-controlling features. The Vitamix is of the finest brands, which ensures superior customer satisfaction with no quality degradation issues. You can monitor the texture of your smoothie and extract the best taste and feel without any mess.

The container of the blender is 64 ounces which is enough to serve large batches. The product is best for medium to large-sized families. Apart from that, you can clean the appliance with the one-click button. Just add warm water and a drop of soap and click the self-cleaning button, and you are done.

The radial cooling fan eliminates the heat with its thermal control protection. The technology assures the users with long life and superior performance for years. The blades of the blender are made up of high-quality stainless steel for nontoxic food preparation.


Easy speed control with superior texture and blending results
Ideal for large batches with a self-cleaning feature
The radial cooling fan ensures thermal protection for enhanced life and performance
Blades with higher speeds delivers excellent frictional heat for steaming hot soups
Aircraft-grade hardened stainless steel ensures smooth blending of toughest ingredients
Super quality product with 7 years comprehensive warranty


The extra power makes it risky to use with a single hand.

3 Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec’s Total Classic Original Blender’s blending operation begins with strategically blunt blades. They crush, produce and transform the rugged fiber, which renders vegetables so difficult to always get perfect for beverages into mush.

The vortex generated in your blender by the Blendtec tube under which the blades are placed sucks foods into the blade instead of moving them outward. The outcome is a creamy, greenish beverage.

It is indeed easy to vacuum, just like our highest pick. Apply water and a small amount of soap, and it will clean itself with the help of its engine. It also has configurable phases for increased flexibility. 

In addition, it’s so valuable how you can make the blades whirl with more than enough friction to warm soup whether you like.

On the other hand, the value it offers will irritate you as the product is on the expensive side. In addition, it vibrates at higher speeds which will provide an inferior blending experience at the end of the day.


Easy blending cycles with one-touch buttons
10 different manual control to gain a variety of texture
Patented thicker stainless steel blades with forged technology and wings
Self-cleaning with little soap and water
BPA free blending jar with a 75-ounce volume
Best for serving both dry and wet blending and ideal for 3 to 4 people


Motor quality is not the best while blending think soups
Not great for chopping hard fruits and vegetables

4 Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

The Explorian from Vitamix combines extremely high stainless steel blades with one of the highly efficient motors of just about any blender for conventional machining that virtually liquifies vegetables. 

So you’ll plop in fibrous spinach as well as kale with only a little fluid and imagine you’re mixing mushy strawberries, pineapple, and yogurt.

It’s surprisingly quiet for a machine with so much control. It won’t cause you any tension to make a lot of noise when mixing up a breakfast smoothie. Even though the blade column is not reusable, it is easy to clean. 

Dump some hot water into the sink and add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid before turning it on. It washes in less than a minute.

Another reason this is a fantastic blender for vegetables because environmentally friendly smoothies boost your mentality, which you’ll need to be given the price. It’s incredibly overpriced.


Ships with variable speed control offer the best-refined texture
Culinary precision enables the smoothest purees and heartiest soups
Pulse features deliver coarse layer chopping for chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups
Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades best for toughest ingredients
Self-cleaning feature with a drop of dish soap with warm water
Radial cooling fan with thermal protection system


Very noisy at higher speeds
Smoothie preparation demands a lot of liquid

5 Breville Fresh and Furious Countertop Blender

Breville’s New & Aggressive Blender, brand BBL620, is a clunker. It’s costly and unimpressive, and you’ll have to pause it now and then automatically combine the food items.

To all of us and, the issue is simply the engine. It requires a newer, increasingly powerful model. We like the way it operates, but the Fresh & Furious needs a refresh to accommodate a much more strong motor even then.

If Breville compromised strength for appearance, anyway, its architecture limits its efficiency. Moreover, given the weaknesses of the engine control, it’s just far too noisy for how it should be.

It is simple to wash, whether in the dishwasher or using the self-cleaning method. The four-blade design is also long-lasting. Nevertheless, these two factors are insignificant in comparison to the model’s significant flaws.

The product delivers sufficient power to solve all your smoothie preparation needs. The texture it offers is too creamy for smoothies and soups. The Vac Q technology eliminates all the air from the container before blending.

The blade of the blender is made up of high-quality surgical stainless steel. It ensures the user with superior life for years.


Powerful and versatility blender with 9 different one-touch programs
Effective 5-speed settings best for smoothies, ice crushing, and purees
Best from crushing and chopping ice into snow
Best for preparing creamy smoothies and soups
Vac Q technology removes air from the jug before blending.
Comes with engineered surgical grade stainless steel blades with long life sharpness


Plastic quality is average
The base lacks grip and offers a continuous vibrating motion

6 Ninja Professional Countertop Blender for Smoothies, Ice and Frozen Fruit

However, this kitchen counter blender will assist you in crushing fresh vegetables and other leafy greens and converting them into something of a delectably smooth organic smoothie. 

 It has a streamlined look, including up to 1000 Watts of specialized strength for exceptional results.

The mixer incorporates Ninja’s Maximum Smashing Innovation, which combines up to 6 blades. These operate efficiently to balance out the crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled cabbage processing and other green vegetables.

Zero hard kale would be able to withstand these blades. And the hardest kale and vegetables can be converted into a silky beverage. 2

However, apart from kale, the above Ninja blades can function with almost everything you like to add to your smoothies, such as ice pieces and dried fruit and vegetables.

Remember that this processor seems to have a maximum capacity of 72 ounces, perfect for producing a nutritious breakfast kale smoothie for the family members.


Sleek design for perfect ice crushing, blending, pureeing
1000 watt professional grade motor
Unique blade design best for all types of food ingredients
4-speed manual control ensures best blending results
Effective in preparing sauces, dips, and restaurant-style purees to salsas and dressings
Perfect appliance for frozen dishes


Not ideal in producing smoothies
Consumes more for consistent puree preparation

7 Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

If leafy green blends are a regular part of your balanced diet, this blender allows you to carry the nutritious treat with you everywhere your morning takes you. 

It has a compact size, making it an ideal processor for healthy smoothies and on-the-go flexibility and functionality. It can be used in your kitchen, the workplace, or even when you are traveling.

The standard blender has an easy-to-use push-button action. It gives you the On/Pulse switch so you can produce seamless uniformly flavored kale smoothies. In addition, it has a powerful 700 Watt motor, which provides all the strength to quickly and efficiently process kales into smooth smoothies.

Unlike many other personalized blenders, this one comes with powerful and long-lasting durable steel blades. This enables the process of blending vegetables into something like a smoothie that appears straightforward. In addition, they can function on something, even dried seeds. 

These blades will convert ice into powder in a fraction of minutes!

Washing this mixer is simple as both container and the cover are dishwasher safe. 

When you’re satisfied, remove the container from the processor, shield it, and carry it with you while traveling, sporting, or gaming.


Patented ice saber blades paired with a powerful 700-watt motor
Wave action system to force food ingredients into blades with no stirring
Heat resistant glass jar which holds 40 ounces without any thermal shocks
Serves 14 blending functions
Tested with oven 8000 frozen drinks for better quality assurance


Plastic quality is not excellent compared with others.

Buying Guides – What should you check before making a purchase?

best blender for vegetable smoothies

Trying to keep specific points into consideration will empower you to quickly choose the perfect blender for vegetable smoothies for your preferences.

1. Capacity

It depends on how much green vegetable shakes you would like to consider making; you can also notice the side of the container that the processor you would like to purchase.

Some users only want a small blender to make their favorite protein shakes or something that they can easily carry with them everywhere they go. If you are from that group, we recommend searching for a tiny personal single serve blender.

One such blender also has the advantage of being simple to wash and store. It is also affordable.

If you’d like to produce green smoothies for the whole house, you’ll require a giant blender. On the other hand, bigger jars empower you to prepare multiple servings instantaneously for the entire family.

2. Power

Making a smoothie out of kale, beet, and some other vegetables takes time and effort; that’s why you’ll need a versatile and powerful blender for the purpose.

Test the strength of the blender before purchasing. A high-power motor-equipped blender is very useful in crushing down all types of vegetables without consuming much time. In addition, it is genuinely effective in blending food items into small fragments.

When you’re using a blender with a weaker motor, you could never achieve the fantastic blending.

A blender with a rotor powered at 1HP (horsepower) or more excellent motor performance must satisfy all your blending needs.

3. Blades

You might have the best and most effective blender in the market. However, if the accuracy of the blender is insufficient, then it is of no use. 

A blender must have the most robust blades, which is the factor that delivers the best blending results. You can ignore the quality of the blades as it is the primary element to serve the best delicious vegetable smoothies.

Well, what do the ideal vegetable blender blades appear like?

The solution is easy – look for blades crafted of durable & solid materials. Lentils and several other tough vegetables can be quickly sliced with that kind of a blade.

The majority of the high versions have a stainless steel blade. The above blade not just effortlessly cuts thru vegetables and several other foods, but it is durable and can last an extended period.

4. Ease of cleaning

It comes as no surprise that cleaning the blender after each use is essential. However, this is only achievable if you have simple and easy to clean and maintain.

Simpler devices with fewer mechanical components are usually easier to wash. For example, these blenders often have a self-cleaning mechanism that allows users to wash them easily through the touch of a button. In addition, the majority of these already possess dishwasher-safe components, which makes washing much easier.

When you are confused about the convenience of cleaning with a specific lender, it is indeed a good idea to research what existing consumers mention about cleaning ease.

Final Verdict

Smoothies are trendy recipes and beverages that can be personalized to nearly any flavor or nutritional need. The food items primarily calculate their nutritional value.

Smoothies prepared from natural ingredients like bananas, veggies, yogurt, and balanced fats are the most nutritional.

According to our research, the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is the most OK vegetable smoothie blender on the market. It blends even raw kale and is convenient to wash, but you might pay a heavy price for it.

Blendtec’s Total Classic Original Blender was a promising tool for the leading position and costing somewhat less than the Explorian. However, it’s way quieter, so we ranked it second.

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