Quick Question : Is Orange Juice Bad For A Cold?

Are you struggling to find an accurate answer to the most common question, “is orange juice bad for a cold?” Because you have symptoms of cold and want to drink orange juice. If yes, then stop searching further as we are here to provide you the correct answer to this question.

We understand that you suffer from different symptoms like sore throat, headache, and sometimes cough during a cold. Also, you are unable to do your day-to-day task due to body pain.

So, with a sore throat consuming citrus juices like oranges is not a good idea, making your throat more acidic. Hence, your cold condition will worsen. 

So, to know more details regarding this matter, keep on reading!

How Orange Juice Makes Cold Symptoms Worse?

Cold, flu, and cough are debilitating and frustrating, especially if you have severe bouts of coughs. However, we know that winter is the season of oranges as well as cough and flu. During winters, a person is more prone to respiratory infections because of a weak immunity system. 

Is Orange Juice Bad For A Cold

You may have heard that oranges are beneficial for cold but let us look at scientific facts. Consuming orange juice when you have mild symptoms is acceptable; however, during severe cold, citrus juices are not suitable for your throat. 

It is believed that orange juice irritates your tender throat, leading to severe infections, including tonsils and other throat infections. 

Furthermore, if you take orange juice at grocery stores, you are at risk of consuming more sugars.  

Besides, it reduces the quality of white blood cells in your body, leading to a weak immune system. Finally, packed juices are over-processed, and you may not be able to drink them without adding flavors.

In addition, if you take orange juice in large quantity. Then, the amount of sugar in it will prevent your body from absorbing vitamin C. Moreover, it inhibits the re-absorption of vitamin D by kidneys.

Most of us believe that drinking juices are the best source of vitamin C. While it is generally good for your health, studies found nothing to prevent or treat the common cold. Moreover, it is not confirmed that taking more oranges will cure a cold.

Where The Myth Of “Orange Juice Cure Cold” Came From?

Like all other myths, “orange juice cures cold” is also very old. In 2018 a spike in orange juice sales was noticed due to the turbulent flu season. However, drinking orange juice for health started in the 20th century. The pervasive health halo of orange juice is traced back to the industrial revolution.

In 1920 US suffered from a massive increase in diseases. So, in the 1900s, the Southern California Fruit Growers Association searched to find a way to sell many fruits. For this purpose, Claude Hopkins introduces a policy of “Drink an Orange.”

Every person at that time liked the new way of consuming oranges. Moreover, the sale increased as for making juice a person need more oranges as compared to eating.

During that time, it was believed that Americans are deprived of sunlight. Therefore, they should consume oranges to fulfill the level of vitamin D.

The research was conducted at that time which shows the beneficial effects of fruits on individual health. So, consuming orange juice was considered one of the most nutritional food for cold treatment.

Does Orange Juice Boost Immune System?

Oranges contain vitamin C, which is essential for the immune system. So if you want to boost your immune system, take a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

 If you have mild cold symptoms, mix a pinch of salt in orange juice and take it. Adding salt to orange juice will increase its effectiveness. But do not take it if you have a sore throat.

Orange juice contains vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in helping your body cells to maintain a healthy immune system.  

Moreover, it supports immune cells to fight against viruses and bacteria. Fresh 8 ounces of orange juice contains approximately 15 percent of vitamin D.

In addition, it also includes beneficial plant compounds such as carotenoids and flavonoids. These compounds support immune stem to communicate with each other so that they can fight effectively against infections. 

Does Orange Juice Cure Flu?

A person suffers from a heavy chest, severe headache, stuffy nose, and sore throat during a cough or flu. Unfortunately, many people consume orange juice to cure cough and flu without having proper knowledge about it. 

Orange juice can badly affect your cough if you have a sore throat. 

 According to research, taking orange juice can minimize your flu symptoms only if you consume it before getting sick. Instead of drinking orange, choose during flu to take vitamin C supplements as they do not include any sugar.

Does Orange Juice Cure Cough?

Orange juice is enriched with vitamin C, which is good for cough. However, the citrus acid in orange makes you cough more severely.

Furthermore, suppose you are suffering from any respiratory issue that has produce phlegm in your body. In that case, orange juice will be suitable for youIt is because citric acid is beneficial for reducing phlegm. 

However, do not overdose on it. Oranges prevent cough symptoms, but it does not mean that oranges cure cough. So, it would be better for you not to consume it as a precaution for your health.


We hope that in the above article we have provided you with a satisfactory answer to your question: Is orange juice bad for a cold? Moreover, you want to gain more vitamin C. But, other foods like red bell pepper and broccoli contain more vitamin C than orange juice.

So, try to consume other nutritious foods as well for curing a cold. However, it is not feasible to cure a disease by just intaking fruits, vegetables, or supplements. So, do not just rely on that and get yourself checked and take medicines before your condition worsens.