What Foods Go Well With Clam Chowder?

What Foods Go Well With Clam Chowder

The clam chowder is a soup in simple words. Commonly chowder soup has salt pork and a mix of different vegetables. The name clam chowder comes because it has clams in it. The vision of this article is to help you understand what food goes well with clam chowder. There are different kinds of chowder … Read More

Can You Refrigerate Avocados? – How To Store Avocados

Can You Refrigerate Avocados

Consuming avocados daily indeed offers you with best health advantages. But there is always a negative side of avocados related to their preservation techniques. Avocado is a fruit that gets ripen within 2 to 3 days at room temperature, and it’s not very easy to store there for the long run. So, can you refrigerate … Read More

How Long Does Tuna Salad Last in the Fridge?

How long does tuna salad last in the fridge

Do you have any doubt about Tuna Salad? If yes, then this blog will solve all your queries and help you to manage your tuna in a better way. Nowadays, canned tuna is very popular amongst American’s. Canned tuna is the affordable and easiest way to enjoy Tuna Salad in your kitchen. Here we will … Read More

How Long To Deep Fry A 20 Pound Turkey?

how long to deep fry a 20 pound turkey

Have you been to the kitchen to cook a turkey? Turkey is cooked as a whole or as part during which the temperature role throughout the process. Home-made recipe to cook turkeys does exemplify role. The dish is tastier and suits for thanksgiving party, family dining etc. However restaurant-based recipe completely differs with the seasoning, … Read More